Adjectives for Cheap

Adjectives for Cheap | Words to Describe about Something Cheap

A cheap product or thing is described as being worth less than the standard price. Some common synonyms for cheap include: bargain, discounted, and sale. When you are looking for a good deal on a product or service, you might say that it is “a steal” or “a great deal.”

Adjectives for Cheap | Words to use when talking about Something is Cheap

Adjectives for Cheap

1. Affordable
2. Budget-friendly
3. Competitively priced
4. Cost-effective
5. Economical
6. Fair
7. Inexpensive
8. Low-cost
9. Low-priced
10. Modest
11. Negotiable
12. Reasonable
13. Reasonably priced
14. Sensibly priced
15. Substantial
16. Competitive
17. A bargain
18. A great deal
19. A steal
20. Worth it
21. Fair price
22. Acceptable price
23. Cheap and cheerful
24. Decent value for money
25. Good value for money
26. Reasonable value for money
27. A snip
28. A bargain basement price
29. A give-away price
30. A knock-down price

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Adjectives for Cheap Person:

1. stingy
2. tight-fisted
3. miserly
4. money-grubbing
5. avaricious
6. covetous
7. grasping
8. Greedy
9. Selfish
10. Cheap skate

Adjectives for Expensive:

1. costly
2. high-priced
3. pricey
4. dear
5. premium
6. extravagant
7. exorbitant
8. outrageous
9. extortionate
10. prohibitive

Conclusion: Therefore, these are some of the most popular adjectives used to describe cheap and expensive things. When you are looking for a good deal, be sure to use some of these terms to get the best price possible!

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Another word for cheap mentality?

penny-pinching, miserly, stingy.

Is “reasonably priced” an adjective?

Yes, “reasonably priced” is an adjective. It describes something that is not too expensive.


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