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Adjectives for Events | 20 Important Words to Describe about any Event

An event is a real or imaginary happening that can be perceived by senses. It has a beginning and end, it changes something or somebody, leaves a memory, and has a main action. An event is something that happens , but an event can be described in many ways. Some events are daily occurrences, like waking up or having breakfast, others are extraordinary.

Adjectives for Events | Useful Words to Describe about Events

An event can be described with adjectives. Here is a list of words that are used to describe an event.

1) . Sudden: something that starts fast and without warning.        Example sentences:

Suddenly , there was a large snake in front of me.

Out of nowhere, I saw two police officers running towards us.

I heard a loud noise and then everything went dark.

2)    Unusual: something that is not normal, that you do not normally see.    Example sentences:

The dog was wearing a hat.

This is the first time I am seeing an animal like this.

I have never seen a car do a wheelie before.

adjectives for events

3)    Short: if something lasts for a short period of time.    Example sentences:

I saw a shooting star last night!

The concert was great but it ended pretty quickly.

We had a little chat and then I had to leave.

4)    Long: if something lasts for a long period of time.    Example sentences:

The lecture took three hours!

I was stuck in traffic for over an hour.

We were stuck in the lift for nearly two hours!

5)    New: something that you have not experienced before.       Example sentences:

Have you ever tasted kiwi fruit before?

I have never seen a car do a wheelie before.

Have you ever seen a real-life dinosaur?

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6)    Old: if something was created in the past and is still used or known today.    Example sentences:

My grandfather is writing a book about his life.

Have you ever seen a real-life dinosaur?

I found this old photo of my parents.

7)    Important: if something is worth noticing because it is meaningful.    Example sentences:

I was so excited about the concert! It was really important.

My exams are next week so this is really important.

Did you hear about the plane crash? It was pretty serious.

8)    Worthwhile: if something is worth doing because it has a good result or makes you feel happy.

Example sentences: This cake is definitely worthwhile!

I am going to Spain for my holidays. It’s going to be really worthwhile.

It was a laughable idea but we had a worthwhile chat.

9)    Recent: if something started not long ago and is still happening now.

Example sentences:

I am learning to ride a bike. It’s recent.

Have you seen the new building? It’s pretty recent.

It’s recent news but a plane crash has just happened.

10)    Serious: something that has a bad effect and could cause damage.

Example sentences:

It was a pretty serious accident.

There has been an outbreak of Ebola virus in the US.

I was involved in a car accident. It was pretty serious.

11)    Funny: if something is really funny or hilarious.

Example sentences:

Did you hear the joke about the fireman and the police officer? It was so funny!

I accidentally dropped my ice cream. It was pretty funny.

Yesterday I saw my friend without his pants on! It was pretty funny.

12) Annoying: if something is a problem and keeps bothering you.

Example sentences:

It’s annoying when people talk during a movie.

It’s annoying when the internet keeps dropping out!

My younger sister is so annoying sometimes.

13) Embarrassing: if something makes you feel uncomfortable and ashamed of yourself.

Example sentences:

I did a dance at my friend’s party and I did it really badly. It was embarrassing.

Have you ever forgotten your lines while giving a presentation? It was pretty embarrassing.

I can’t believe I dropped my ice cream in front of everyone! That was really embarrassing.

14) Interesting: if something is worth thinking about and makes you curious.

Example sentences:

Have you ever read a book by Mark Twain? He’s really interesting.

I am learning about astronomy in my science class. It’s pretty interesting.

I once saw a TV documentary about the Titanic. It was really interesting.

15)    Fun: if you enjoy yourself in a situation and do not feel stressed.

Example sentences:

We had a nice time at the party last night!

I fell asleep in the sun. It was so much fun!

I am going to France next week. I’m really looking forward to it! It’s going to be great!

16)    Quiet: if there is little or no noise.

Example sentences:

The library is really quiet where I work!

Is school still closed? It’s so quiet today.

My street is really quiet at night.

17)    Busy: if there are lots of people or things happening and not enough time to do everything.

Example sentences:

Yesterday I met my friend for lunch but the restaurant was really busy.

It’s busy here today. Everyone seems to be working.

My little brother is always busy playing video games.

18)    Calm: if there are no problems and you feel peaceful.

Example sentences:

I like to visit busy cities but sometimes it’s nice to be in a calm place.

It was a calm day at the beach.

I am feeling pretty calm today. Everything has been going well.

19)    Exciting: if something makes you feel happy and excited.

Example sentences:

It was an exciting day because my friend came to visit me!

I am going on a skiing holiday next week. I’m so excited!

What have you been up to today?

Anything exciting happen?

20)    Tired: if you need rest and feel exhausted.    Example sentences:

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was feeling too tired.

I am so tired today! Please don’t make me do anything.

This week has been so busy and I am feeling really tired.

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I am perfectly sure that our list of 20 important adjectives to describe any event would have definitely helped you out. Additionally, we would love to add few more adjectives here for you.

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