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Adjectives for Atmosphere | Words to describe about Atmosphere

Often, when describing a story plot or a mood to be set in a novel or film, writers use words that describe the atmosphere. In fact this is what writers are supposed to do. You can’t go wrong with it because readers are very good at understanding different atmospheres that are set by words. When you are writing or are about to write something, it is necessary that you understand how atmosphere works. adjectives for atmosphere

Positive Words to describe about Atmosphere with Meaning

  • Surprising: astonishing, unexpected, amazing, unbelievable, astonishingly good.
  • Terrific: extremely good.
  • Remarkable: notable, unusual, outstanding, remarkable.
  • Wonderful: excellent, wonderful.
  • Charming: enchanting, charmingly beautiful/handsome.
  • Lovely: beautiful, delightful.
  • Enchanting: captivating, fascinating.
  • Exquisite: refined, elegant, very nice.
  • Magical: mysterious, magical.
  • Mysterious: intriguing, fascinating, mystifying.
  • Unexpected: surprising, shocking.
  • Stunning: very good.
  • Compelling: alluring, captivating.
  • Sensational: sensational news.
  • Astonishing: astonishing, unexpected, amazing, unbelievable.
  • Stunning: very good.

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  • Fantastic: excellent, wonderful.
  • Spectacular: outstanding, remarkable.
  • Eerie: scary, terrifying.
  • Dramatic: exciting, dramatic.
  • Stirring: stirring music/speech/film type of atmosphere.
  • Exciting: exciting, thrilling.
  • Captivating: fascinating, alluring.
  • Thrilling: exciting, thrilling.
  • Electrifying: thrilling, electrifying atmosphere.
  • Adventurous: adventurous type of atmosphere.
  • Magnificent: magnificent scenery/building/view.
  • Scenic: scenic view.
  • Magical: mysterious, magical.
  • Romantic: romantic atmosphere/story/mood.
  • Lively: happy, lively.
  • Happy: cheerful, contented.
  • Serene: tranquil, peaceful, restful.
  • Peaceful: tranquil

Negative Words to describe about atmosphere with meaning

  • Tense: nervous, anxious.
  • Sad: unhappy, melancholy.
  • Depressing: depressing atmosphere.
  • Unhappy: sad, not a happy atmosphere.
  • Angry: angry, aroused.
  • Hateful: a hateful atmosphere.
  • Sickening: disgusting, nauseating.
  • Gruesome: gruesome atmosphere.
  • Frightening: frightening, terrifying.
  • Violent: violent atmosphere.
  • Dangerous: dangerous atmosphere.
  • Dreary: dull, boring.
  • Gloomy: gloomy, dark, depressing.
  • Lonely: lonely atmosphere.
  • Lonely: lonely atmosphere.
  • Forlorn: dismal, sad.
  • Miserable: miserable, unhappy.
  • Desolate: abandoned, desolate.
  • Desolate: deserted, barren.
  • Deserted: abandoned, unpopulated.
  • Uninhabited: unpopulated, deserted.
  • Uninhabited: abandoned.
  • Deserted: abandoned, unpopulated.
  • Bereft: sad, sorrowful.
  • Lonely: lonely atmosphere.
  • Pleasant: comfortable, agreeable.
  • Comfortable: pleasant, cozy.
  • Cozy: pleasant, nice.
  • Nice: agreeable, pleasant.
  • Amusing: pleasant, enjoyable.
  • Unpleasant: unpleasant atmosphere/atmospheric

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In short, what I want to say is that atmosphere is a feeling or a mood. It can be a positive/negative one and it changes the way you feel and act. Atmosphere is the thing which changes your mood, but it doesn’t mean that good atmosphere will influence you to be in a good mood and bad atmosphere will influence you to be in a bad mood.


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