Adjectives for History

Adjectives for History-Words to Describe about History

Following are the adjectives used to describe History with Meaning and Example Sentences .

1. Amazing: Stunning, Awe-inspiring, Wonderful
Example Sentence: The sunset was absolutely amazing.

2. Ancient: Very old, from long ago
Example Sentence: The ancient city of Rome is full of historical landmarks.

3. Assassinated: Murdered, killed
Example Sentence: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

4. Battle: A fight between two sides
Example Sentence: The battle lasted for days and many were killed.

5. Bloody: Full of blood, gory
Example Sentence: The bloody war left the country in ruins.

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6. Brave: Courageous, not afraid
Example Sentence: The brave soldiers fought for their country.

7. Civil: Not violent, polite
Example Sentence: The civil rights movement was a time of great change.

8. Colonial: Relating to a colony
Example Sentence: The colonial powers ruled over the countries they conquered.

9. Corrupt: Dishonest, immoral
Example Sentence: The corrupt politician was caught taking bribes.

10. Courageous: Brave, not afraid
Example Sentence: The courageous firefighters ran into the burning building to save people.

11. Deadly: Fatal, lethal
Example Sentence: The deadly disease killed many people.

12. Democratic: Related to a democracy
Example Sentence: The United States is a democratic country.

13. Descended: To have come from someone
Example Sentence: We are all descended from the same ancestors.

14. Different: Not the same, unique
Example Sentence: The two cultures are very different from each other.

15. Dominated: To rule over, to be in control
Example Sentence: The country was dominated by a dictatorship.

16. Economic: Related to the economy
Example Sentence: The economic recession caused many people to lose their jobs.

17. Famous: Well-known, celebrated
Example Sentence: Abraham Lincoln is a famous figure in American history.

18. Fierce: Violent, brutal
Example Sentence: The fierce storm left the city in ruins.

19. Free: Not controlled, independent
Example Sentence: After the war, the country became free from the colonial power.

20. Glory: Honor, fame
Example Sentence: The soldiers fought for glory and country.

21. Great: Important, significant
Example Sentence: Julius Caesar was a great leader of Rome.

22. Hard: Not easy, difficult
Example Sentence: The hardworking students studied for hours every night.

23. Heroic: Like a hero, courageous
Example Sentence: The heroic firefighters saved many people from the burning building.

Tips how to use describing words for History:

Adjectives can be used to describe the history in different ways. To give a more general description of history, you can use adjectives such as important, significant, and great. To describe specific events or people in history, you can use adjectives such as bloody, fierce, and heroic.

When describing the effects of historical events, you can use adjectives such as devastating, powerful, and influential.

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Therefore, these are the adjectives that are used to describe about history, However, while using these adjectives one should be careful as the use of these adjectives may result in over-description. Therefore, it is advised to use these adjectives wisely and sparingly.


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