adjectives for pencil

Adjectives for Pencil | Words to Describe Pencil

A pencil is a thin, narrow piece of wood coated in black graphite. It can be created by sharpening one end of a thin stick. You write with a pencil using the graphite to create lines on paper.

Adjectives for Pencil | List or words to describe about Pencil

Following is the list of important words to describe about pencil. These words help you to talk better about pencil.

1.  Thin – thin objects usually have little width and are long.

2. Short – something that is short has a small length.

3. Long – something that has a long length is usually very long.

4. Shiny – shiny objects reflect light because they are usually smooth.

5. Smooth – an object is smooth when it does not have bumps or ridges.

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6. Bumpy – something that has bumps or ridges is not smooth.

7. Light – light objects usually weigh very little.

8. Heavy – heavy objects usually weigh a lot.

9. Sturdy – sturdy objects can bear weight and do not break easily.

10. Fragile – fragiles objects bend easily and break easily.

11. Pointed – something that is pointed has a sharp point at one end.

12. Blunt – blunt objects have no sharp points.

13. Colored – something that is colored can be any color at all.

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A pencil is a thin piece of wood that you write with. It is usually blunt at one end and has black, graphite inside it. I hope your would like these words to describe pencil.


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