Cartoon Characters that Start with W

75+ Worth Watching Cartoon Characters Starting with Letter W

Cartoon characters have always been a big part of our childhood, bringing joy and entertainment to millions of kids all over the world. Among these beloved characters are some that start with the letter W, each with their own unique story and personality. In this article, we will take a look at 75 cartoon characters that start with the letter W and explore their main role, as well as the movie, series, or anime they are from.

Cartoon Characters that Start with W

1. Winnie the Pooh

Main Role: A lovable and cuddly teddy bear who is always on the lookout for honey.

Movie/TV Show: “Winnie the Pooh” franchise, created by A.A. Milne.

Winne is a friendly and curious bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood with his friends. He is known for his love of honey which often leads to misadventures.

2. Woody

Main Role: The leader of Andy’s toys and Buzz Lightyear’s best friend.

Movie/TV Show: “Toy Story” franchise, created by Pixar.

Woody is a loyal and kind cowboy doll who goes on numerous adventures with his fellow toys. He is often faced with challenges but always manages to overcome them with his resourcefulness and bravery.

3. Wile E. Coyote

Main Role: A clever but unsuccessful predator constantly trying to catch the Road Runner.

Movie/TV Show: Looney Tunes shorts, created by Chuck Jones.

Wile E. Coyote is a determined and intelligent coyote who uses various contraptions to try and catch the elusive Road Runner. Despite his best efforts, he always fails in comical ways.

4. Wilma Flintstone

Main Role: Fred Flintstone’s loving wife and homemaker of the Stone Age town of Bedrock.

TV Show: “The Flintstones”, created by Hanna-Barbera.

Wilma is a strong and capable woman who takes care of her family while also navigating the challenges of living in a prehistoric world. She is known for her iconic hairstyle made from a dinosaur bone.

5. Wanda

Main Role: Cosmo’s responsible and level-headed wife, often trying to keep him out of trouble.

TV Show: “The Fairly OddParents”, created by Butch Hartman.

Wanda is a fairy godmother who, along with her husband Cosmo, grants wishes to their godchild Timmy. She is the voice of reason in their chaotic adventures and often comes up with clever solutions to problems.

6. Wall-E

Main Role: A lonely waste-collecting robot on a desolate Earth, who falls in love with another robot.

Movie: “Wall-E”, created by Pixar.

Wall-E is a curious and sweet robot who spends his days cleaning up the abandoned Earth. His world changes when he meets the robot EVE and together they embark on a journey to save humanity.

7. Wakko Warner

Main Role: The youngest of the Warner siblings, known for his zany and unpredictable behavior.

TV Show: “Animaniacs”, created by Tom Ruegger.

Wakko is a mischievous and energetic character who loves to play pranks and make people laugh. He is also known for his love of food, especially sweets.

8. Wendy Darling

Main Role: The eldest of the Darling siblings, who is taken on a magical adventure to Neverland.

Movie/TV Show: “Peter Pan”, created by J.M. Barrie.

Wendy is a kind and nurturing character who acts as the mother figure for her brothers while they are in Neverland. She also has a strong sense of imagination and adventure.

9. Wally Gator

Main Role: A friendly alligator who tries to escape from the zoo and live a free life.

TV Show: “Wally Gator”, created by Hanna-Barbera.

Wally is a happy-go-lucky character who dreams of living in the wild, away from his confined life in the zoo. He often goes on adventures with his friend, a toucan named Touche Turtle.

10. Wonder Woman

Main Role: A powerful Amazon warrior princess who uses her abilities to fight for justice and peace.

Movie/TV Show: “Wonder Woman” franchise, created by DC Comics.

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero known for her strength, compassion, and wisdom. She is a symbol of female empowerment and stands for equality and justice.

11. Wreck-It Ralph

Main Role: A video game villain who wants to prove that he can be a hero too.

Movie: “Wreck-It Ralph”, created by Disney.

Ralph is a big-hearted character who struggles with his role as the bad guy in a video game. He goes on a journey to find his purpose and learns the true meaning of friendship along the way.

12. Wilbur Robinson

Main Role: A young inventor who helps his time-traveling friend save the future.

Movie: “Meet the Robinsons”, created by Disney.

Wilbur is a spirited and curious character who loves tinkering with gadgets and inventions. He is also a loyal friend who will do anything to help those he cares about.

13. Winnie Woodpecker

Main Role: Woody Woodpecker’s niece, who shares his mischievous nature.

TV Show: “The New Woody Woodpecker Show”, created by Walter Lantz.

Winnie is a spunky and energetic woodpecker who loves to have fun and play pranks. She often joins her uncle Woody on his adventures, sometimes causing even more chaos.

14. Wreck-Gar

Main Role: A leader of the Junkions, a group of friendly but unpredictable robots from the planet Junkion.

Movie/TV Show: “Transformers” franchise, created by Hasbro.

Wreck-Gar is a quirky and eccentric character who speaks in TV commercials and pop culture references. He may seem odd, but he is a loyal friend to the Autobots and helps them fight against the Decepticons.

15. Wendy Testaburger

Main Role: Stan Marsh’s girlfriend and one of the most popular girls at South Park Elementary.

TV Show: “South Park”, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Wendy is a strong-willed and intelligent character who often stands up for what she believes in. She also has a compassionate side, shown through her relationship with Stan and her activism for causes she cares about.

16. Wallace

Main Role: An eccentric inventor and cheese enthusiast who goes on adventures with his dog Gromit.

Movie: “Wallace and Gromit” franchise, created by Nick Park.

Wallace is a lovable and bumbling character who always means well but often ends up causing chaos. He is also known for his love of cheese and has a habit of coming up with wild inventions.

17. Winnie the Pooh

Main Role: A friendly and lovable bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood with his friends.

Movie/TV Show: “Winnie the Pooh” franchise, created by A.A. Milne and Disney.

Pooh is a kind and simple-minded character who loves honey and spending time with his friends. He often goes on adventures to find honey or help his friends, but always ends up learning valuable lessons along the way.

18. Woody

Main Role: A cowboy doll and the leader of Andy’s toys, who must come to terms with change when a new toy joins their group.

Movie: “Toy Story” franchise, created by Pixar.

Woody is a loyal and courageous character who always puts his friends and their happiness first. He goes through many challenges as a toy, but always stays true to his values and remains a beloved leader.

19. Winnie

Main Role: A young witch-in-training who attends a magical school for witches.

TV Show: “Little Witch Academia”, created by Yoh Yoshinari.

Winnie is a determined and passionate character who dreams of becoming a great witch like her idol, Shiny Chariot. She may not have the best grades, but she makes up for it with her determination and resourcefulness.

20. Winston

Main Role: A genetically engineered gorilla scientist and leader of the Overwatch team.

Video Game: “Overwatch”, created by Blizzard Entertainment.

Winston is a highly intelligent and compassionate character who uses his strength and intellect to protect others. He also has a love for peanut butter, which often leads to humorous moments with his teammates.

21. Wilma Flintstone

Main Role: Fred Flintstone’s wife and a strong-willed mother in the Stone Age town of Bedrock.

TV Show: “The Flintstones”, created by Hanna-Barbera.

Wilma is a clever and resourceful character who often has to deal with her husband’s schemes. She also has a great sense of humor and loves spending time with her family and friends.

22. Wanda

Main Role: A fairy godmother-in-training who must grant wishes to earn her wings.

TV Show: “The Fairly OddParents”, created by Butch Hartman.

Wanda is a responsible and nurturing character who often has to keep her husband, Cosmo, in line. She may seem strict at times, but she truly cares for Timmy and his well-being.

23. Wilbur

Main Role: A young boy who goes on adventures with his time-traveling friend, the Time Traveler.

TV Show: “Mister Maker”, created by The BBC.

Wilbur is a curious and creative character who loves using his imagination to explore new worlds and solve problems. He also has a passion for making art and crafting things with his hands.

24. Wendy Corvax

Main Role: A former space pirate who becomes a member of the Star Fox team.

Video Game: “Star Fox” franchise, created by Nintendo.

Wendy is a confident and skilled character who is always up for a challenge. She may have a rough past, but she has found her place among the Star Fox team and uses her expertise to protect the galaxy.

25. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Main Role: A powerful mutant with reality-warping abilities who is a member of the Avengers.

Movie/TV Show: “Avengers” franchise, created by Marvel Comics.

Wanda is a complex and dynamic character who has gone through many challenges in her life. She may initially struggle to control her powers, but she grows into a strong and respected member of the Avengers, using her abilities for good.

More Cartoon Character Names Starting with Letter W:

S.NO: Character Name Anime Series/Movie Name
1 Woody Toy Story
2 Wile E. Coyote Looney Tunes
3 Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh
4 Wilma Flintstone The Flintstones
5 Wendy Darling Peter Pan
6 Wonder Woman Justice League
7 Wall-E Wall-E
8 Wanda The Fairly OddParents
9 Wasabi Big Hero 6
10 White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland
11 Wildcat Batman: The Brave and the Bold
12 Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph
13 Weasel I Am Weasel
14 Wakko Warner Animaniacs
15 Whiskers Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
16 Webby Vanderquack DuckTales
17 Witch Hazel Looney Tunes
18 Wubbzy Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
19 Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma The Fairly OddParents
20 Waldo Where’s Waldo?
21 Wartortle Pokemon
22 Weezing Pokemon
23 Wobbuffet Pokemon
24 Wolverine X-Men: The Animated Series
25 Woo-oo DuckTales
26 Wormmon Digimon Adventure
27 White Fang White Fang
28 Wildmutt Ben 10
29 Wayzz Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
30 Wirt Over the Garden Wall
31 Waddles Gravity Falls
32 Wander Wander Over Yonder
33 Widget Wow Wow Wubbzy
34 Waluigi Super Mario Bros.
35 Wario Super Mario Bros.
36 White Diamond Steven Universe
37 Will Vandom W.I.T.C.H.
38 Wuya Xiaolin Showdown
39 Wish Bear Care Bears
40 Wyldstyle The Lego Movie
41 Whip King of Fighters: The Animated Series
42 Wrinkly Kong Donkey Kong Country: The Animated Series
43 Whisper Yo-kai Watch
44 Winky Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
45 Warden Superjail!
46 Wilbur Robinson Meet the Robinsons
47 Witch Lezah The Looney Tunes Show
48 Wolf Nu, pogodi!
49 White Bomber Bomberman Jetters
50 Wingnut Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Overall, these 75 characters starting with the letter W showcase a diverse range of personalities and roles in various forms of media. From classic animated shows to modern video games, each character has a unique story and purpose that makes them memorable to audiences around the world. Whether they are lovable goofballs or powerful superheroes, these characters continue to entertain and inspire viewers of all ages. So the list of 75 Cartoon Characters that Start with Letter W ends here with complete description for each character.


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