Adjectives for arrived

Adjectives for Arrived – Words For Arrived

Arriving is an important part of life. Whether it’s arriving at a new job, a new home, or a new destination, the act of arriving can be filled with excitement, anticipation, and even a bit of anxiety. To help describe the feeling of arriving, here is a list of adjectives for arrived. Adjectives for arrived

Adjectives for Arrived | Words For Arrived

Astonished: Feeling amazed or surprised.

Bemused: Feeling confused or perplexed.

Cautious: Feeling wary or guarded.

Delighted: Feeling pleased or overjoyed.

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Eager: Feeling enthusiastic or excited.

Frightened: Feeling scared or intimidated.

Grateful: Feeling thankful or appreciative.

Hesitant: Feeling uncertain or reluctant.

Intrigued: Feeling curious or interested.

Jubilant: Feeling joyous or triumphant.

Keen: Feeling eager or enthusiastic.

Lonely: Feeling isolated or alone.

Mesmerized: Feeling captivated or entranced.

Nervous: Feeling anxious or uneasy.

Optimistic: Feeling hopeful or positive.

Puzzled: Feeling confused or perplexed.

Quiet: Feeling silent or still.

Relieved: Feeling comforted or at ease.

Satisfied: Feeling content or pleased.

Terrified: Feeling scared or panicked.

Uneasy: Feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

Vigilant: Feeling alert or watchful.

Welcomed: Feeling accepted or embraced.

Xenial: Feeling friendly or hospitable.

Yearning: Feeling a strong desire or longing.

Zealous: Feeling passionate or fervent.


Arriving can be a complex emotion, and it can be difficult to put into words. With this list of adjectives for arrived, you can better express the feeling of arriving and all the emotions that come with it.

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Q1. What is the definition of arrived?

A1. The definition of arrived is to have reached a destination or goal.

Q2. What are some synonyms for arrived?

A2. Some synonyms for arrived include attained, reached, and accomplished.

Q3. What are some adjectives for arrived?

A3. Some adjectives for arrived include astonished, bemused, cautious, delighted, eager, frightened, grateful, hesitant, intrigued, jubilant, keen, lonely, mesmerized, nervous, optimistic, puzzled, quiet, relieved, satisfied, terrified, uneasy, vigilant, welcomed, xenial, yearning, and zealous


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