Adjectives for Beautiful

Adjectives for Beautiful – Words to Describe Beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and often times there are many ways to describe beauty. We can use adjectives to express beauty, whether it’s physical or abstract like a sunset or an emotion. Here are some words that you can use when you want to talk about something beautiful. Adjectives for Beautiful

List of Adjectives | How to Describe a Beautiful?

1. Gorgeous – stunningly beautiful, breathtakingly attractive

2. Radiant – glowing with health, happiness, or beauty; full of light

3. Exquisite – extremely beautiful and delicate

4. Lovely – pretty and pleasant to look at; you have to think about being beautiful about yourself.

5. Charming – delightful in a way that pleases or attracts

6. Graceful – having or showing grace; elegant

7. Alluring – attractive and tempting

8. Magnificent – impressive, grand, and splendid in appearance

9. Splendid – extremely beautiful, magnificent, or grand

10. Elegant – displaying beauty and good taste

11. Celestial – heavenly, beautiful beyond belief

12. Resplendent – brightly shining or glowing; splendid to look at

13. Dazzling – extremely bright and attractive

14. Glorious – inspiring admiration or approval through splendor and beauty

15. divine- having an extraordinarily high degree of spiritual excellence.

Adjectives for Beautiful Girl:

• Attractive

• Radiant

• Elegant

• Lovely

• Charming

• Alluring

• Stunning

• Gorgeous

• Exquisite

Adjectives for Beautiful House:

• Impressive

• Grand

• Splendid

• Luxurious

• Magnificent

• Majestic

• Cozy

Adjectives for Beautiful Moon:

• Glowing

• Serene

• Mystic

• Enchanting

• Magical

Adjectives for Beautiful Flowers:

• Delicate

• Fragrant

• Colorful

• Aromatic

• Exotic

Adjectives for Beautiful Morning:

• Glorious

• Joyful

• Peaceful

• Inspiring

Adjectives for Beautiful Place:

• Idyllic

• Scenic

• Majestic

• Exotic

Adjectives for Beautiful Country:

• Spectacular

• Natural

• Breathtaking

• Enchanting

Adjectives for Beautiful Evening:

• Serene

• Peaceful

• Calming

• Twilight

Adjectives for Beautiful Hair:

• Lustrous

• Shiny

• Healthy

• Silky

Other Adjectives for Beautiful:

• Heavenly

• Exquisite

• Radiant

• Glorious

Hindi Adjectives for Beautiful:

• (Sundar)

• (Aakarshak)

• (Shanadar)

• (Suhavana)

• (Sundar)

Extreme Adjectives for Beautiful:

• Magnificent

• Splendid

• Sublime

• Exalted

• Superb


Beauty is a subjective concept and can be interpreted in many different ways, but the right adjective can help us express what we find beautiful about something. Whether it’s a person, place, or thing, these adjectives should help you find the perfect word to express what you’re feeling. Strive to describe beauty accurately and with purpose so that it resonates with the audience.


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