Adjectives For Hearing

Adjectives for hearing-Words to Describe Hearing

Hearing is an important sense for humans and other animals. We use hearing to communicate, detect danger and enjoy music. Different animals have different hearing abilities, but all rely on this sense to some extent.

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe hearing, both in terms of its function and its quality. Here are some common adjectives that describe hearing

List of Adjectives for Hearing | Words for Hearing

1. acute
2. attuned
3. avid
4. clear
5. deafening
6. delicate
7. discerning
9. echoic
10. effective
11. enhanced
12. ethereal
13. excellent
14. exquisite
15. fine
16. good
17. keen
18. large
19. long-range
20. low-frequency
21. muffled
22. nimble
23. perceptive
24. pitch-perfect
25. powerful
26. precise
27. quick
28. responsive
29. sharp
30. soundproof

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Adjectives for Hard of hearing

1. faint
2. garbled
3. inaudible
4. low
5. muted
6. soft
7. tinny
8. weak

Adjectives For Hearing

Adjectives to describe Sense of hearing

1. auditory
2. aural
3. deaf
4. hearing-impaired
5. hard of hearing
6. hydroceles
7. otitis media
8. presbycusis
9. sensorineural hearing loss
10. tinnitus

Adjectives for Good hearing

1. acute
2. attuned
3. clear
4. discerning
5. excellent
6. fine
7. good
8. keen
9. perceptive
10. precise
11. responsive
12. sharp

Adjectives for sound of voice

1. articulate
2. audibly
3. booming
4. deafening
5. distinct
6. dulcet
7. eloquent
8. loud
9. melodious
10. murmuring
11. noisy
12. pitch-perfect
13. resounding
14. sonorous

There are many different ways to describe hearing depending on what aspect of hearing you are focusing on. If you are looking at the function of hearing, then you might use adjectives such as ‘acute’ or ‘attuned’. If you are focusing on the quality of hearing, then you might use adjectives such as ‘clear’ or ‘excellent’.

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What adjectives do you use to describe sounds?

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe sounds, depending on the sound itself. Some common adjectives used to describe sounds include ‘loud’, ‘soft’, ‘deafening’, ‘muffled’, and ‘tinny’.

What are some hearing words?

Some common words associated with hearing include ‘ear’, ‘sound’, ‘volume’, and ‘frequency’.


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