Fruit Names that Start with F

75+ Favorite Fruits that Start with Letter F [ Fruit Names ]

Welcome to our fun article on fruits that start with the letter F! Fruits are not only delicious, but they also provide us with essential nutrients and vitamins. The letter F may not have as many fruits as other letters like A or B, but we still have a variety of options to choose from. So let’s dive into the world of fruits that start with F and explore their unique flavors and benefits.

1. Fig

Fig is a popular fruit that has been cultivated for thousands of years. It has a sweet, chewy flesh and is often eaten dried or used in baked goods. Figs are also a good source of fiber and potassium.

2. Feijoa

Also known as pineapple guava, feijoa is a tropical fruit with a sweet and tangy flavor. It’s rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, making it a great addition to your diet.

Fruit Names that Start with F

3. Fuyu Persimmon

Fuyu persimmon is a bright orange fruit that is shaped like a tomato. It has a slightly sweet flavor and a crunchy texture. This fruit is a good source of Vitamins A, C, and E.

4. Fuji Apple

Fuji apples are one of the most popular apple varieties in the world. They have a crisp texture and a sweet-tart taste. They are also high in fiber and antioxidants.

5. Finger Lime

Finger lime, also known as caviar lime, is a small citrus fruit with tiny juice vesicles that resemble caviar. It has a tart and tangy taste and is often used in cocktails or as a garnish.

6. Framboise

Framboise is the French word for raspberry, which is a popular summer fruit known for its bright red color and sweet-tart taste. They are also a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

7. Fire Thorn

Fire thorn, also known as pyracantha, is a fruit that is often used for ornamental purposes due to its vibrant orange or red berries. The berries are edible but have a slightly bitter taste.

8. Fruit Salad Plant

Also known as monstera deliciosa, the fruit salad plant produces small fruits that have a unique flavor similar to a combination of pineapple and banana. The fruit is not widely available but can be found in specialty markets.

9. Feijoa Pineapple

Feijoa pineapple, also known as guavasteen or pineapple guava, is a small green fruit with a sweet and tart flavor. It’s often used in jams, jellies, and desserts.

10. Finger Grape

Finger grape, also known as currant tomato or Mexican miniature watermelon, is a small fruit that looks like a tiny watermelon but tastes like a grape. It’s high in antioxidants and has a refreshing, sweet taste.

11. Fuzzy Kiwi

Fuzzy kiwi, also known as golden kiwi, is a fruit with a fuzzy brown exterior and a bright yellow flesh. It has a sweeter flavor than the traditional green kiwi and is high in vitamin C and fiber.

12. Florida Strangler Fig

Florida strangler fig is an interesting fruit that starts off as a seedling in the branches of a host tree and eventually envelops the entire tree, strangling it. The fruit has a sweet, fig-like taste.

13. Fat Goose Plum

Also known as bullace or damson plum, fat goose plum is a small fruit with a tart flavor. It’s often used in jams and jellies and is a good source of vitamin C.

14. Flat Peach

Flat peach, also known as doughnut peach or Saturn peach, has a flattened shape and a sweet flavor with a hint of almond. It’s high in nutrients like potassium and vitamin A.

15. Fragrant Granadilla

Fragrant granadilla, also known as passionfruit, has a thick purple skin and a juicy interior filled with edible seeds. It has a tart and tangy flavor and is often used in desserts or drinks.

16. Farkleberry

Farkleberry, also known as inkberry or sparkleberry, is a small dark purple fruit that grows on shrubs. It’s not widely consumed but has a slightly tart and bitter taste.

17. Feijoa

Feijoa is a fruit native to South America that has a unique flavor similar to a combination of pineapple, strawberry, and guava. It’s high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

18. Florida Mango

Florida mangoes are known for their juicy, sweet flesh and vibrant orange color. They are high in nutrients like vitamin C and A, and are a popular ingredient in smoothies and desserts.

19. Farkleberry

Farkleberry is a small fruit that is often used for making jams or pies. It has a tart flavor and is high in antioxidants.

20. Florida Avocado

Florida avocado, also known as “alligator pear,” is a larger and creamier variety of avocado. It has a milder flavor than the traditional Hass avocado and is high in healthy fats and antioxidants.

21. Forelle Pear

Forelle pear is a small, sweet pear with a distinctive red speckled skin. It’s high in fiber and vitamin C, making it a healthy and tasty snack.

22. Funnel Melon

Also known as Armenian cucumber or cucamelon, funnel melon is a small fruit with a cucumber-like appearance and a refreshing, slightly tart taste. It’s high in water content and vitamin C.

23. Flame Seedless Grape

Flame seedless grapes are a popular variety of table grape known for their vibrant red skin and sweet, juicy flavor. They are high in antioxidants and other nutrients.

24. Fiddlehead Ferns

Fiddlehead ferns are the young, coiled fronds of certain types of ferns that have a unique taste similar to asparagus. They are high in antioxidants and fiber.

25. Fragrant Pear

Fragrant pear, also known as Nashi or Asian pear, is a crispy and juicy fruit with a slightly sweet taste. It’s high in fiber and potassium, making it a healthy addition to your diet.

Few Notable Mentions of Fruits with F:

  • Fig
  • Fennel Bulb
  • Fluted Pumpkin (Ugu)
  • Fox Grape
  • Fingerroot
  • Forest Berries
  • Feijoa Pineapple Guava (Feijoas)
  • Flat Cactus Fruit (Prickly Pear)
  • Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera deliciosa)
  • Fukushu Kumquat
  • False Nutmeg (African nutmeg)
  • Farkleberry (Inkberry, Sparkleberry)
  • Finger Cherry
  • French Plum (Reine Claude plum, Greengage plum)
  • Fairy Apricot (Plume apricot)
  • Farinifera (Trigonella foenum-graecum, Fenugreek)
  • False Persimmon (Pawpaw)
  • Finger Lime (Citrus australasica)
  • Foxtail Palm Fruit (Wuro Nunu, Borassus aethiopum)
  • Frangipani fruit (Plumeria rubra)
  • Fluted Melon
  • Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles speciosa)
  • Fishtail Palm Fruit (Talipot palm, Corypha umbraculifera)
  • Falernum fruit (Alpinia officinarum)
  • Fruit of Life (Trichilia emetica)
  • Fetterbush (Mountain holly, Lyonia lucida)
  • False Mastic Tree (Sideroxylon marmulano)
  • Fingered Citron (Buddha’s hand, Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis)
  • Fortune’s Curse (Elaeagnus multiflora)
  • Flowering Almond (Prunus glandulosa)
  • Farewell Fruit (Alchornea cordifolia)
  • Finger Banana (Baby banana, Ladyfinger banana)

Final Words:

These are just some of the many fruits that start with the letter F. Each one has its own unique flavor and nutritional benefits, so be sure to try them all and add some variety to your fruit basket. Whether you prefer sweet or tart, there is an F fruit for everyone to enjoy! So next time you’re at the grocery store, keep an eye out for these delicious and nutritious fruits starting with F.

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