25 Adjectives Starting with V to Describe a Person

There a various adjectives that start with V to describe about a person, our  experience about something more clearly and effectively! However, we have listed here only essential v adjectives to describe about something with clear meaning and example sentences!

V Adjectives to Describe about a Person [ Positive words ]

This list contains only important V adjectives words that are quite helpful in making you speak confidently anywhere or describe about anything etc.  adjectives that start with v to describe about a person

  • Vague
  • Vain
  • Valiant
  • Valorous
  • Vehement
  • Venal
  • Vengeful
  • Verbose
  • Versatile
  • Vexatious
  • Vexed
  • Vexing
  • Vicious

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  • Victorious
  • Vigilant
  • Vile
  • Villainous
  • Vindictive
  • Violet
  • Virtuous
  • Visionary
  • Vital
  • Vivacious

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  • Vivid
  • Volcanic
  • Voracious
  • Vulgar
  • Vulnerable
  • Valuable
  • Venerable
  • Vernal
  • Very
  • Vibrant
  • Vigorous
  • Viscid
  • Viscous
  • Voguish
  • Voluptuous
  • Vietnamese

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There are definitely few adjectives like vigorous that help us speak more clearly and confidently. Above given essential adjectives beginning with v are some of them! I hope these would help you for an effective speech

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