Adjectives For Competition

Adjectives for Competition-Words to Describe Competition

Adjectives for Competition: Following are the adjectives for Competition each with Meaning and example sentence:

1. Aggressive: eager to achieve or win something, especially in business or politics. (He was an aggressive salesman)

2. Ambitious: having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed. (She is very ambitious and wants to be a CEO one day)

3. Assertive: confident and forceful in pursuing your own rights or claims. (She was assertive in her demands for a raise)

4. Competent: having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully. (The team is competent and will finish the project on time)

5. Determined: having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it. (She is determined to get her degree)

6. Driven: motivated by a strong desire or ambition to achieve something. (He is driven to succeed)

7. Energetic: possessing or displaying vitality and strength. (She is very energetic and always on the go)

Adjectives For Competition

8. Fierce: having a violent, savage, or hostile nature. (The competition was fierce)

9. Passionate: having or displaying strong emotions or feelings. (She is passionate about her work)

10. Powerful: having great power or influence. (They are a powerful team)

11. Ruthless: showing no concern for the feelings or wellbeing of others. (He is ruthless in his quest for power)

12. Tenacious: holding on or clinging to something firmly. (She is tenacious and will not give up)

13. Tough: able to withstand severe conditions or treatment. (The competition was tough)

14. Violent: using physical force to injure or damage people or property. (The violence of the storm was frightening)

15. Competitive: having a strong desire to be the best or to win. (She is very competitive and wants to win at all costs)

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5 Tips how to use describing words for Competition:

1. Use adjectives to describe the different types of competition.
2. Use adjectives to describe the feeling of competition.
3. Use adjectives to describe the competitiveness or  achievement of the people involved.
4. Use adjectives to describe how the competition affects the people involved.
5. Use adjectives to describe the outcome of the competition.

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Therefore, while planning to use adjectives for competition, one must keep in mind the purpose behind it. Is it to describe the feeling of competition, the people involved or the outcome? Selecting the right adjective will help create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and make your writing more effective. Good luck!


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