Adjectives for Smoking-Words to Describe Smoking

Smoking is a habit that can be difficult to break. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you may find that using adjectives to describe your experience can help you stay motivated and on track.

List of Adjectives for Smoking | Words to Use for Smoking

Here are some examples of adjectives you might use to describe smoking:

1. Addictive
2. Bad for your health
3. Cancer-causing
4. Costly
5. Dangerous
6. DeadlyAdjectives for Smoking

7. Disgusting
8. Environmentally harmful
9. Filthy
10. Gross
11. Hazardous
12. Harmful
13. Health-damaging
14. Hurtful
15. Illegal
16. Life-threatening
17. Nasty
18. Negative
19. Poisonous
20. Smelly
21. Stinky
22. Substance abuse
23. Tobacco use
24. Unhealthy
25. Up in smoke
26. Wasteful
27. Addicting
28. Craving
29. risky
30. life shortening

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Adjectives for smell of smoke:

1. Smelly
2. Stinky
3. Foul
4. Putrid
5. Rancid
6. Repulsive
7. Skanky
8. Vile
9. Disgusting
10. Nauseating

These are just a few examples, but there are many other adjectives that could be used to describe smoking. If you’re trying to quit, think about how smoking makes you feel and use those adjectives to motivate yourself to stay smoke-free.

Adjectives for Fire Smoke:

1. ashen
2. begrimed
3. black
4. blackened
5. carbonaceous
6. charred
7. cindery
8. dirty
9. dusky
10. fuliginous
11. grimy
12. grubby
13. just-smoked

Adjectives for Smoking Weed

1. high
2. stoned
3. baked
4. blitzed
5. burnt out
6. cashed
7. cross-faded
8. défoncé
9. fried
10. gone to pot
11. hash head
12. lit
13. ripped
14. shredded


Therefore, smoking is injurious to health and there are a number of adjectives which can be used to describe smoking. ,

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How would you describe the taste of smoke?

The taste of smoke can be described as bitter, acrid, or astringent. It is often unpleasant and can cause coughing.

How would you describe the smell of smoke?

The smell of smoke is often described as pungent, acrid, or nauseating. It can be unpleasant and may cause headaches or dizziness.

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