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Adjectives for Goals | 30 Words to Describe Goals

Goals are the primary long term objective of an organization. It is an agreement of which everybody in the team should work upon. It’s a promise of an achievement. Example: “We want to achieve a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.”

Adjectives for Goals | Words to Describe Goals with Meaning & Examples

The goal of writing this article is to provide an example list of adjectives that can be used to describe goals.

1. Accurate:

“The plan is to be accurate, but not perfect.”

2. Big:

“I’ll make it as big as possible.”

3. Bold:

“The goal is to perform our best.”

4. Challenging:

“We want to create a challenging game that people will like.”

5. Clear:

“The goal must be clear, unambiguous, and defined.”

6. Comfortable:

“It needs to be more of a challenge.”

7. Correct:

“The goal is to be not wrong.”

8. Efficient:

“We need a plan that’s efficient and precise.”

9. Expensive:

“The game is meant to be challenging and expensive.”

10. Feasible:

“It should be as simple as possible.”

11. Foolproof:

“The goal must not let us fail.”

12. Humane:

“It’s important to be humane and fair.”

13. Impossible:

“The goal is not to fail, even if it’s impossible.”

14. Important:

“The goal is to be as important as possible.”

15. Measurable:

“How do we measure our success?”

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16. Modest:

“It should be modest, but not too humble.”

17. Outrageous:

“The goal is to be outrageous and shocking.”

18. Personal:

“It’s mostly about me.”

19. Precise:

“It must be accurate and precise.”

20. Primary:

The goal is to be primary or main.

21. Profitable:

“The goal is to make the most profit.”

22. Realistic:

“We need to be realistic about the price.”

23. Return on Investment (ROI):

“How much will we get back?”

24. Risky:

“It’s time to take some risks.”

25. Simple:

“The goal should be clear and simple.”

26. Successful:

“The goal is to be successful and achieve goals.”

27. Tangible:

“The goal must be tangible.”

28. Timely:

“It’s time to be timely and punctual.”

29. Tough:

The goal is to be tough, but not impossible.

30. Workable:

“It’s time to work on my goals.”

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