Adjectives for Sight

Adjectives for Sight-Words to Describe Sight

Adjectives for Sight:  Following are the adjectives for sight each with meaning and example sentence.

1. Awe-inspiring: causing feelings of reverence, admiration, or fear.
The sight of the Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring.

2. Beautiful: pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
She had a beautiful smile.

3. Breathtaking: so overwhelming that one is unable to speak.
The sight of the cityscape from the top of the skyscraper was breathtaking.

4. Disgusting: arousing strong distaste or aversion.
The sight of the garbage strewn about was disgusting.

5. Enchanting: having a charming or alluring quality.
She had an enchanting voice.

6. Exciting: creating or arousing interest, enthusiasm, or emotion.
The sight of the fireworks was exciting.

Adjectives For Sight

7. Glorious: having great beauty or splendor.
The sight of the sun setting behind the mountains was glorious.

8. Haunting: remaining in one’s thoughts; unforgettable.
The sight of her face is haunting me.

9. Majestic: having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.
The sight of the snow-capped mountains was majestic.

10. Mysterious: difficult to understand or explain; unclear.
The sight of the UFO in the sky was mysterious.

11. Nauseating: causing or tending to cause nausea.
The sight of the blood made me nauseated.

12. Panic-inducing: causing or likely to cause panic.
The sight of the large spider was panic-inducing for her.

13. Stunning: very impressive or attractive; marvelous.
He had a stunning new car.

14. Terrifying: causing intense fear or terror.
The sight of the large snake was terrifying for her.

15. Unbelievable: too improbable to be believed.
The sight of the alien ship was unbelievable to him.

16. Wondrous: bringing wonder or astonishment; marvelous.
The sight of the Northern Lights was wondrous.

Tips how to use describing words for sight:

When writing or speaking, try to include as many senses as possible so that your reader or listener can get a full picture of what you are describing. In addition to sight, other senses you can use to describe something include sound, smell, touch, and taste. When using adjectives to describe sight, be sure to choose those that best fit the object or scene you are trying to describe.

For example, if you are describing a beautiful sunset, using adjectives such as breathtaking or majestic would be more fitting than words like disgusting or panic-inducing. And if you are describing something that is difficult to see, like a faint star in the night sky, using adjectives like mysterious or unbelievable would be more appropriate.


Therefore while using adjectives we should keep in our mind what is the purpose or the message we are trying to give by using them. Adjectives add beauty, zing, zest, pizazz and panache to our sentences. But, overuse of adjectives can destroy the very purpose for which they were used in the first place. So use them with care, precision and panache!


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