Adjectives for Building

Adjectives for Building-Words to Describe Building

Adjectives for Building: Following are the adjectives for Building each with Meaning and Example Sentence.

1. Abandoned: no longer in use or occupied
The building was abandoned after the war.

2. Ancient: very old
The ancient buildings were destroyed in the fire.

3. Architects: a person who designs buildings
The architect designed the building to be energy efficient.

4. Bright: full of light
The bright room was a good place to study.

5. Clean: free from dirt
The clean room was spotless.

6. Complex: consisting of many interconnected parts
The complex structure of the building took years to build.

Adjectives For Building

7. Damaged: harmed or broken
The storm damaged the building beyond repair.

8. Dark: lacking in light
The dark room was spooky.

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9. Dirty: covered in dirt
The dirty room needed to be cleaned.

10. Dry: free from moisture
After the rain, the building was dry.

11. Empty: not occupied
The empty building was a good place to hide.

12. Exterior: the outside
The exterior of the building was covered in graffiti.

13. Interior: the inside
The interior of the building was very different from the exterior.

14. Large: big
The large building was hard to miss.

15. Modern: up-to-date
The modern building was built with green energy in mind.

16. New: not old
The new building was a welcome addition to the cityscape.

17. Old: not new
The old building was being torn down.

18. Plain: not decorated
The plain building was uninviting.

19. Refurbished: renovated
The refurbished building was better than the old one.

20. Small: not large
The small building was easy to miss.

21. Tall: high
The tall building was the tallest in the city.

22. Undamaged: not harmed
The undamaged building was a miracle.

23. Used: not new
The used building was being sold.

24. Weak: not strong
The weak building was in danger of collapsing.

25. Well-built: solidly constructed
The well-built building withstood the hurricane.

Tips how to use describing words for Building:

When you are describing a building, it is important to pay attention to the details. Make sure to describe the features of the building, such as the size, shape, and color. You should also describe the materials that the building is made of, such as brick, concrete, or wood. If there are any unique features of the building, such as a special roof or a beautiful view, be sure to mention those as well. Finally, don’t forget to describe the surrounding area, such as the street it is on or the other buildings nearby.

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Therefore, while you are describing a building, keep in mind to focus on the minute details which will help you paint a better picture for the person who is listening or reading your description. Also using appropriate adjectives will make your description more interesting and colourful. We hope this list of adjectives for building was helpful to you.


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