Cartoon Characters that Start with Q

100+ Quick to Remember Cartoon Characters Starting with Q

Welcome to our list of 100 cartoon characters that start with the letter Q! In this article, we will go through some well-known and beloved characters from different movies, series, and animes that all share a common initial – the letter Q.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of entertainment and discover some exciting characters!

1. Quasimodo ( The Hunchback or Notre Dame )

We start our list with the main character of Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” – Quasimodo. He is a kind-hearted, lonely man who lives in the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral and longs for acceptance from society. Despite his physical appearance, Quasimodo proves to be a hero and saves the city of Paris from destruction.

Cartoon Characters that Start with Q

2. Queen Elsa ( Frozen )

Next up, we have the ice queen herself – Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”. With her magical powers to create ice and snow, she embarks on an adventure to save her kingdom from eternal winter caused by her emotional turmoil. Through her journey, she learns to embrace and control her powers, becoming a beloved queen.

3. Quagmire ( Family Guy )

Now let’s switch gears to an adult animated sitcom – “Family Guy”. This show features a talking dog, a baby with a British accent, and our next character – Glen Quagmire. Known for his catchphrase “Giggity”, Quagmire is the neighbor and friend of the Griffin family, who often gets himself into hilarious and questionable situations.

4. Queen Maeve ( The Boys )

From one adult show to another, we have Queen Maeve from Amazon Prime’s “The Boys”. As one of the Seven – a superhero team controlled by a corrupt corporation – Maeve struggles with her morals and the true intentions of her team. She is a strong and capable character who shows compassion and bravery in the face of adversity.

5. Quackerjack ( Darkwing Duck )

We can’t talk about cartoons without mentioning some classic ones, like “Darkwing Duck”. This show follows the adventures of its titular character, a superhero duck, and his sidekick – Quackerjack. As his name suggests, Quackerjack is a villain with an obsession for toys and pranks, making him a formidable opponent for Darkwing Duck.

6. Queen Beryl ( Sailor Moon )

In the world of anime, we have Queen Beryl from “Sailor Moon”. She is the main antagonist of the series and the leader of the Dark Kingdom, with a goal to conquer Earth. She is ruthless and manipulative, using her subjects to do her bidding. Despite her evil intentions, she is a powerful and iconic character in the Sailor Moon franchise.

7. Quilava ( Pokemon )

Speaking of iconic characters, we can’t forget about “Pokemon”. One of the many creatures from this franchise that starts with Q is Quilava. This Fire-type Pokemon evolves from Cyndaquil and is known for its fiery personality and powerful attacks. It’s a fan-favorite among trainers and has made appearances in various Pokemon games and TV shows.

8. Queen ( The Muppets )

From the world of puppets and animation, we have Queen from “The Muppets”. This beloved show features a group of eccentric and lovable characters, including the famous amphibian – Kermit the Frog. His love interest, Miss Piggy, is known as the diva queen of the show, with her extravagant fashion choices and larger-than-life personality.

9. Quacker ( Tom and Jerry )

If you’ve ever watched the classic cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, then you might remember Quacker – a little yellow duckling. He appears in several episodes, often getting into mischief with Tom or becoming the object of desire for Jerry. With his cute appearance and funny antics, he adds an extra layer of comedy to this iconic show.

10. Queen Tyr’ahnee ( Duck Dodgers )

From one duck to another, we have Queen Tyr’ahnee from “Duck Dodgers”. This animated series is a parody of the classic Looney Tunes, featuring Daffy Duck as the bumbling space hero – Duck Dodgers. Queen Tyr’ahnee is a recurring character and often serves as an antagonist for our titular hero, with her cunning plans to conquer the galaxy.

11. Quetzalcoatl ( Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid )

Another popular anime that features a character starting with Q is “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”. The show follows the daily life of Miss Kobayashi and her dragon maid, Tohru. One of Tohru’s friends and fellow dragon is Quetzalcoatl, or Lucoa for short. She is a kind and nurturing character, despite her sexy and provocative appearance.

12. Queen of Hearts ( Alice in Wonderland )

Moving on to another classic – “Alice in Wonderland” – we have the notorious Queen of Hearts. Known for her quick temper and love for beheading people, she is a force to be reckoned with in the whimsical world of Wonderland. Despite her cruel intentions, she adds an entertaining element to the story and remains a memorable character.

13. Quincy ( Little Einsteins )

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with “Little Einsteins” – an animated show for preschoolers that teaches about music and art. The group of friends consists of Leo, June, Annie, and Quincy – the only male member. He plays the cello and often provides comedic relief with his silly antics.

14. Quark ( Star Trek )

From preschoolers to sci-fi fans, we have Quark from “Star Trek”. This Ferengi bartender is a recurring character in the series “Deep Space Nine”. He is known for his greed and schemes to make a profit, but also proves to have a heart of gold when it comes to his friends.

15. Queen ( Adventure Time )

“Adventure Time” is another popular animated show with a character starting with Q – the Ice Queen. She is an antagonist in the early seasons but becomes more of an anti-hero as the show progresses. Her obsession with capturing princesses and her tragic backstory make her a complex and fascinating character in this whimsical world.

16. Quasimodo Wilson ( The Proud Family )

Another cartoon with a Q in its title is “The Proud Family” – a show about an African-American family living in suburbia. One of the characters is Quasimodo Wilson, who is Penny’s best friend and neighbor. He often gets into trouble with her, but also provides wise advice when needed.

17. Queen ( Tarzan )

The Disney animated film “Tarzan” features a character that starts with Q – the Queen of England. She is Tarzan’s aunt and adopts him as her own when he arrives in England. She is a kind and nurturing character who tries to help Tarzan adjust to his new life, despite her husband’s disapproval.

18. Quailman ( Doug )

If you grew up in the 90s, then you probably remember “Doug” – a popular animated show on Nickelodeon. In this show, Doug often imagines himself as a superhero called Quailman, wearing his underwear over his pants and a belt with a Q on it. He embarks on many adventures in this alternate persona, making him a beloved character among fans.

19. Queen ( Wreck-It Ralph )

In the world of video games, we have “Wreck-It Ralph” – an animated film about a villain from a classic arcade game. One of the characters in this movie is Queen Elinor, who rules over the kingdom of Sugar Rush. She is strong and determined, but also has a soft side when it comes to her relationship with her daughter.

20. Quackmore Duck ( Mickey Mouse )

Last but not least, we have Quackmore Duck – Donald Duck’s father. He is a recurring character in the Mickey Mouse franchise, often appearing alongside his wife and other family members. Despite not being as famous as his son, he still plays an important role in the Disney universe.

Here’s the data arranged in the table format:

S.No: Character Name Anime Series/Movie Name
1 QBert QBert
2 Quail Man Doug
3 Quagmire, Glenn Family Guy
4 Quincy Mr Magoo
5 Quick Draw McGraw Quick Draw McGraw
6 Quasimodo The Hunchback of Notre Dame
7 Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland
8 Queen Iduna Frozen II
9 Queen Elinor Brave
10 Queen Grimhilde Snow White
11 Quacker Tom and Jerry
12 Quackerjack Darkwing Duck
13 Queen Narissa Enchanted
14 Queen Leah Sleeping Beauty
15 Queen Mousetoria The Great Mouse Detective
16 Queen Novo My Little Pony: The Movie
17 Queen Uberta The Swan Princess
18 Queen La Tarzan: The Animated Series
19 Queen Tuya The Prince of Egypt
20 Queen Athena The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning
21 Quina Quen Final Fantasy IX
22 Quaxo Cats
23 Quetzie World of Warcraft
24 Quirinus Quirrell Harry Potter
25 Quina Final Fantasy IX
26 Quetzal Dragon Tales
27 Quest, Johnny Jonny Quest
28 Quest, Dr. Benton Jonny Quest
29 Quentin Beck/Mysterio Spider-Man: The Animated Series
30 Q.T Space Dandy
31 Quackerjack Darkwing Duck
32 Queen Beryl Sailor Moon
33 Quicksilver X-Men: Evolution
34 Quilladin Pokemon
35 Quagsire Pokemon
36 Quillava Pokemon
37 Quilava Pokemon
38 Qwilfish Pokemon
39 Queen Slug-for-a-Butt Earthworm Jim
40 Quentin McLeod Highlander: The Animated Series
41 Questar Dino-Riders
42 Quake Transformers
43 Quickmix Transformers
44 Quorum ReBoot
45 Queen Starsha Space Battleship Yamato
46 Quon Kisaragi RahXephon
47 Quiche Tokyo Mew Mew
48 Queen Merla Voltron: Legendary Defender
49 Quetzalcoatl The Mysterious Cities of Gold
50 Quark Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show
51 Queen of the Crown Galaxy Rangers
52 Q.T. Hush Q.T. Hush
53 Queen Tyr’ahnee Duck Dodgers
54 Quisp Quisp and Quake
55 Quacker Tom and Jerry
56 Quasimoto Alvin and the Chipmunks
57 Quicksilver SilverHawks
58 Queen Marlena He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
59 Queen Angella She-Ra: Princess of Power
60 Queen Glimmer She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
61 Queen Barb Trolls World Tour
62 Queen Poppy Trolls World Tour
63 Queen Essence Trolls World Tour
64 Queen Luna My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
65 Queen Chrysalis My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
66 Queen Novo My Little Pony: The Movie
67 Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
68 Queen Whatevera Wanabi The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
69 Quibble Pants My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
70 Quicksand G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
71 Quick Kick G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
72 Queen Bee DC Super Hero Girls
73 Quantrell Bishop The Boondocks
74 Queen Porcina My Little Pony ‘n Friends
75 Quentin Little Monsters
76 Quiverwing Quack Darkwing Duck
77 Qajun The Dreamstone
78 Quaxo Cats Don’t Dance
79 Queen Serenity Sailor Moon
80 Quetzalcoatl El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera


From classic cartoons to popular anime, there are many characters that start with Q in the world of animation. Some are beloved heroes, while others are notorious villains, but they all add unique elements to the stories they appear in. Whether you grew up watching these shows or still enjoy them as an adult, these characters will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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