Disney Characters that Start with K

Top Notch List of 20 Disney Characters that Start with Letter K

Disney has a rich history of creating beloved characters that capture our hearts and imagination. From classic fairy tale princesses to talking animals, each character adds their own unique touch to the magical world of Disney.

In this list, we’ll be counting down the top 20 Disney characters whose names start with the letter K. From animated classics to modern day favorites, these characters have left a lasting impact on audiences of all ages.

Disney Characters that Start with K

1. Kronk (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Kronk is one of the most beloved sidekicks in Disney history. Voiced by Patrick Warburton, this lovable lug serves as Yzma’s right-hand man and has a heart of gold underneath his strong exterior. Despite his role as the villain’s lackey, Kronk often steals the show with his hilarious one-liners and physical comedy.

2. Kanga (Winnie the Pooh)

Kanga is one of the kindest and most nurturing characters in the Hundred Acre Wood. She acts as a mother figure to her son Roo and the rest of the gang, always making sure everyone is taken care of. Her gentle nature and endless patience make her a fan favorite among Winnie the Pooh fans.

3. Kristoff (Frozen)

Kristoff is the lovable ice harvester from Frozen who helps Anna on her quest to find her sister Elsa. Although he may seem rough around the edges, Kristoff has a heart of gold and is fiercely loyal to those he cares about. Plus, who can resist his infectious smile and reindeer buddy Sven?

4. Kuzco (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Kuzco may start off as a selfish and spoiled emperor, but throughout The Emperor’s New Groove, he learns important lessons about friendship and humility. His sarcastic humor and iconic catchphrases have made him a popular character among Disney fans.

5. Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

Kim Possible is the teenage superhero who balances saving the world with high school drama. With her trusty sidekick Ron Stoppable by her side, Kim takes on villains while still navigating typical teenager problems. She’s a perfect role model for young girls with her bravery, intelligence, and determination.

6. King Louie (The Jungle Book)

King Louie is one cool cat – or should we say ape? This swinging orangutan is the king of the jungle and loves nothing more than singing and dancing to “The Bare Necessities.” With his smooth moves and infectious energy, it’s no wonder King Louie quickly became a fan favorite.

7. Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Kida is the warrior princess of Atlantis who joins Milo on his journey to find the lost city. With her strength and intelligence, Kida proves to be an invaluable member of the team. Her unique background and strong character make her a refreshing addition to the Disney princess lineup.

8. Koda (Brother Bear)

Koda is the energetic and mischievous bear cub who befriends Kenai on his journey of transformation in Brother Bear. Although he may seem like a typical playful youngster, Koda also has moments of wisdom and deep insight that surprise both Kenai and viewers alike.

9. Kermit the Frog (The Muppets)

Although technically not a Disney character, it’s impossible to talk about characters whose names start with K without mentioning Kermit the Frog. This iconic green frog is the leader of The Muppets and has stolen our hearts with his charm and catchy songs for decades.

10. Kiara (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)

Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. She may be a princess, but Kiara isn’t afraid to get her paws dirty and take on challenges head-on. Her strong will and determination make her a worthy successor to her father’s legacy.

11. Kenai (Brother Bear)

Kenai may start off as a hot-headed and selfish hunter, but his journey of transformation teaches him important lessons about family, love, and forgiveness. His growth throughout the film makes him one of the most relatable Disney characters.

12. Kanga and Roo (Winnie the Pooh)

While we’ve already covered Kanga, we can’t forget to mention her adorable son Roo. This energetic and curious little kangaroo is always up for an adventure with his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. His infectious energy and positive attitude make him a beloved character among young viewers.

13. K-2SO (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

K-2SO may not be a traditional Disney character, but this sarcastic and lovable droid quickly became a fan favorite in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. His witty humor and loyalty to his rebel friends make him stand out among other Star Wars robots.

14. Kala (Tarzan)

Kala is the adoptive mother of Tarzan who raises him as her own after he loses his parents. This gentle and nurturing gorilla teaches Tarzan about love, family, and acceptance. Her unwavering belief in him helps Tarzan find his true identity and purpose.

15. Kanga (Snow White)

Kanga may be a minor character in Snow White, but she plays an important role as one of the Seven Dwarfs’ mothers. Her kind and nurturing nature is reflected in the way she cares for her children, making sure they have everything they need to live happily.

16. Kaa (The Jungle Book)

As one of the villains in The Jungle Book, Kaa may not be a fan favorite, but he certainly makes an impact with his hypnotic eyes and smooth voice. This cunning and sly python is always up to no good, but his antics add an element of danger to the film.

17. Kovu (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)

Kovu starts off as a member of Scar’s pride, but he soon learns the error of his ways and joins forces with Kiara and the rest of the pride. His journey of redemption and love make him a complex and interesting character in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

18. Kekata (Pocahontas)

Kekata is the wise shaman who serves as Pocahontas’ mentor in her journey to understand the white settlers. With his deep connection to nature and spirituality, Kekata provides valuable guidance and advice to Pocahontas throughout the film.

19. Kronk (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Kronk may be a henchman for Yzma, but he quickly becomes a lovable and comedic sidekick in The Emperor’s New Groove. With his love for cooking and his hilarious interactions with his shoulder angel and devil, Kronk steals the show in every scene he’s in.

20. Koda (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Koda is the eccentric linguist and expert on Atlantean culture in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. His quirky personality and love for all things nerdy make him a relatable character for many viewers. Plus, his knowledge and bravery are crucial to the success of the expedition.


Overall, these twenty Disney characters whose names start with K showcase a diverse range of personalities, stories, and roles within their respective films. From brave heroes to lovable sidekicks, each character brings something unique and memorable to the world of Disney.

So whether you’re watching The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride or The Emperor’s New Groove, keep an eye out for these fantastic K-named characters! So never stop exploring the magical world of Disney and you may just find your new favorite character who starts with the letter K.

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