Disney Characters that Start with L

Effortless List of Disney Characters that Start with Letter L

Disney has been creating iconic characters for decades, and many of them have become household names. From Mickey Mouse to Elsa and Anna, Disney characters have captured the hearts of children and adults alike. In this document, we will be taking a closer look at the top 20 Disney characters that start with the letter L.

Disney Characters that Start with L

1. Lady

Movie: Lady and the Tramp

Role: Protagonist, Cocker Spaniel and love interest of Tramp

Lady is a pampered Cocker Spaniel who falls in love with a stray dog named Tramp. She embarks on an adventure with him and learns to appreciate life outside of her posh home. Lady’s elegance and loyalty have made her a beloved character among Disney fans.

2. Little John

Movie: Robin Hood

Role: Supporting Character, Bear and friend of Robin Hood

Little John is the jovial sidekick of Robin Hood who helps him in his quest to steal from the rich and give to the poor. He is known for his wit and courage, and his friendship with Robin Hood is an integral part of the movie’s plot.

3. Lilo

Movie: Lilo & Stitch

Role: Protagonist, Hawaiian girl who adopts an alien named Stitch

Lilo is a feisty and independent Hawaiian girl who befriends an alien experiment called Stitch. Together, they learn about the true meaning of family and love. Lilo’s infectious energy and unique personality have endeared her to many Disney fans.

4. LeFou

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Role: Supporting Character, comedic sidekick of Gaston

LeFou is the bumbling sidekick of Gaston, the villain of Beauty and the Beast. Despite his loyalty to Gaston, LeFou’s conscience often gets in the way and he ultimately helps Belle and the Beast defeat his former friend. His quirky antics add a touch of humor to the movie.

5. Lewis

Movie: Meet the Robinsons

Role: Protagonist, orphan who invents a time machine

Lewis is an inventive and creative orphan who dreams of finding his birth mother. He creates a time machine to travel to the future, where he meets the eccentric Robinson family and learns important lessons about family and acceptance.

6. Lightning McQueen

Movie: Cars

Role: Protagonist, rookie race car who learns valuable lessons

Lightning McQueen is a cocky rookie race car who gets stranded in the small town of Radiator Springs. Through his interactions with the townspeople, Lightning learns humility and friendship, ultimately becoming a better racer and person.

7. Lumiere

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Role: Supporting Character, enchanted candelabra and friend of the Beast

Lumiere is a charming candelabra who serves as the head of the household staff in the Beast’s castle. He becomes an ally to Belle and helps her see the good in the Beast. Lumiere’s suave personality and French accent make him a fan favorite.

8. Lilo Pelekai

Movie: Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Role: Protagonist, Hawaiian girl who continues to have adventures with Stitch

Lilo returns in the TV series based on the movie, where she and Stitch have even more misadventures on their tropical island home. Lilo’s kind heart and determination continue to make her a lovable character.

9. Leroy

Movie: Lilo & Stitch: Leroy & Stitch

Role: Antagonist, evil clone of Stitch

Leroy is the ultimate villain in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. He is a destructive and mischievous clone of Stitch created by Dr. Hamsterviel. However, even as an antagonist, Leroy’s antics and charm make him a memorable character.

10. Li Shang

Movie: Mulan

Role: Supporting Character, Chinese army captain and love interest of Mulan

Li Shang is the strict but fair captain of the Chinese army who initially trains Mulan to become a soldier. He later discovers her secret and becomes her ally in defeating the Huns. Li Shang’s bravery and leadership skills make him a respected character.

11. Lumpy

Movie: Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

Role: Supporting Character, young heffalump who befriends Winnie the Pooh and his friends

Lumpy is a curious and playful little heffalump who longs to explore the Hundred Acre Wood. He forms an unlikely friendship with Winnie the Pooh and his friends, teaching them not to judge a book by its cover.

12. Lefou

Movie: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Role: Supporting Character, comedic sidekick of Gaston

In the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, Lefou receives a more fleshed-out character arc and redemption. He learns to stand up against Gaston’s toxic behavior and finds love and acceptance in the end.

13. Launchpad McQuack

Movie/TV show: DuckTales

Role: Supporting Character, pilot for Scrooge McDuck

Launchpad is the lovable and clumsy pilot for Scrooge McDuck’s adventures. He may not always be the most skilled, but his loyalty and determination make him an integral part of the team.

14. Luke Skywalker

Movie/TV show: Star Wars franchise

Role: Protagonist, Jedi Knight and hero of the Rebel Alliance

Luke Skywalker is one of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise. He goes from a simple farm boy to a powerful Jedi and plays a crucial role in defeating the evil Empire. Luke’s bravery and determination have made him a beloved character for generations.

15. Lottie

Movie: The Princess and the Frog

Role: Supporting Character, wealthy southern debutante and friend of Tiana

Lottie is the bubbly and extravagant best friend of Tiana in The Princess and the Frog. While they come from different backgrounds, Lottie’s loyalty and kind heart make her a true friend to Tiana.

16. Lawrence

Movie: The Princess and the Frog

Role: Antagonist, dishonest valet to Prince Naveen

Lawrence is the deceitful valet to Prince Naveen who helps Dr. Facilier carry out his evil plans. However, Lawrence’s incompetence and fear often lead him to be caught in his own schemes.

17. Li’l Gideon

TV show: Gravity Falls

Role: Antagonist, fraudulent child psychic and rival of Dipper and Mabel

Li’l Gideon is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls, a charming but manipulative child who runs a fraudulent psychic business. He often clashes with the main characters, Dipper and Mabel, as they try to uncover his true intentions.

18. Lilo & Stitch: The Series

TV show: Lilo & Stitch franchise

Role: Protagonists, Hawaiian girl and alien experiment who continue to have adventures

The TV series based on the movie expands on the world of Lilo & Stitch, following their continued adventures on their island home. The show also introduces new experiments and explores deeper themes of friendship and family.

19. Lady Kluck

Movie: Robin Hood

Role: Supporting Character, lady-in-waiting and friend of Maid Marian

Lady Kluck is the loyal handmaiden to Maid Marian in Robin Hood. She may be small but she is mighty, often standing up for her friends and helping them out in times of need.

20. Louis

Movie: The Princess and the Frog

Role: Supporting Character, jazz-loving alligator and friend of Tiana

Louis is a fun-loving alligator who dreams of becoming a famous jazz musician. He becomes friends with Tiana and Naveen on their journey to break the curse, providing comedic relief along the way. His passion for music and zest for life make him an endearing character.


These are just a few of the many lovable Disney characters whose names start with the letter L. Each one brings something unique and special to their respective stories, whether it be bravery, loyalty, or humor. These characters continue to capture the hearts of audiences young and old, proving that Disney truly knows how to create iconic and timeless characters. So next time you watch a Disney movie or TV show, keep an eye out for these fantastic characters whose names begin with L! Happy watching!

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