Adjectives for Smelling Good

Adjectives for Smelling Good-Words to Describe Smelling Good

When it comes to success, smelling good can be half the battle. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of adjectives to help you describe the perfect scent. Whether you’re looking for a new perfume or cologne, or just trying to describe the perfect smell to someone else, these adjectives are handy

List of Adjectives for Smelling Good | Words to talk about Smelling Good

1. Alluring
2. Aromatic
3. Balmy
4. Beguiling
5. Botanical  Adjectives for Smelling Good

6. Captivating
7. Cedarwood
8. Chanel No. 5
9. Crisp
10. Delightful
11. Enchanting
12. Exotic
13. Expressive
14. Floral
15. Fragrant
16. Fruity
17. Heady
18. Herbal
19. Hypnotic
20. Intoxicating
21. Invigorating
22. Jasmine
23. Meyer lemon
24. Narcotic
25. Nutty
26. Pleasing
27. Powdery
28. Romantic
29. Rose
30. Sensual
31. Sexy
32. Spicy
33. Sugary
34. Sweet

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Adjectives for Smell of Food

When it comes to food, we often use our sense of smell to decide whether we’re going to enjoy it or not. That’s why it’s important to choose adjectives that accurately describe the way your food smells. Some common adjectives used to describe the smell of food include:

1. Appetizing
2. Aromatic
3. Delicious
4. Fragrant
5. Mouthwatering
6. Nutty
7. Pungent
8. Savory
9. Smoky
10. Spicy

Words to describe Perfume Scent:

1. Alluring
2. Aromatic
3. Balmy
4. Beguiling
5. Botanical
6. Captivating
7. Cedarwood
8. Chanel No. 5
9. Crisp
10. Delightful
11. Enchanting
12. Exotic

Pleasant and Unpleasant Smell Examples:

1. Pleasant: A light, floral perfume.
2. Unpleasant: The smell of cigarette smoke.
3. Pleasant: Baking cookies with lots of vanilla extract.
4. Unpleasant: Spilled milk that’s starting to spoil.
5. Pleasant: A freshly cut lawn.
6. Unpleasant: A dirty diaper.
7. Pleasant: Cinnamon and cloves simmering on the stovetop.
8. Unpleasant: Burnt toast.
9. Pleasant: Aromatherapy oils diffusing in the air.
10. Unpleasant: Petrol fumes.


Therefore, the perfect scent can be describe by many different adjectives depending on the person’s individual preferences. The most important thing is to choose words that accurately describe how the perfume or cologne smells to you.

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How do you describe something that smells good?

When trying to describe a pleasant smell, you might use words like:
1. Appealing
2. Attractive
3. Captivating
4. Delightful
5. Fragrant
6. Lovely
7. Pleasant
8. Sweet


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