250+ Fabulous Adjectives that Start with F

Fantastic, fabulous and freezing! an A to z list of adjectives starting with Z! There are tons of adjectives that we use in our daily life. They are in fact beauty to our tongue! By modifying noun, pronoun or adverb, the adjectives, in fact, really add strength to our tongue, make it blazing and fiery. Therefore, to learn the important adjectives, is very much crucial

F Adjectives | Adjectives Starting with F

adjectives that start with f

We have add here the list of all important adjectives starting with F, with few example sentences and meaning for your ease! These would definitely help you to stand significant while your describe about a Person deliver a talk or speech etc

Starting with ‘Fa”

  • fabled
  • fabulous
  • facetious
  • facial
  • factitious
  • factual
  • faded
  • fading
  • failed
  • faint
  • fainthearted
  • fair
  • faithful
  • faithless
  • fallacious
  • falsified
  • faltering
  • familiar
  • famished
  • famous
  • fanatical
  • fanciful
  • fancy
  • fantastic
  • far
  • faraway
  • farcical
  • far-flung
  • far-off
  • farsighted
  • fascinated
  • fascinating
  • fascistic
  • fashionable
  • fast
  • fastest
  • fastidious
  • fast-moving
  • fat
  • fatal
  • fateful
  • fatherly
  • fathomless
  • fatigued
  • faulty
  • favorable
  • favorite
  • fawning

Starting with ‘Fe”

  • feared
  • fearful
  • fearless
  • fearsome
  • feathered
  • feathery
  • feckless
  • fecund
  • federal
  • feeble
  • feeble-minded
  • feeling
  • feigned
  • felonious
  • female
  • feminine
  • fermented
  • ferocious
  • fertile
  • fervent
  • fervid
  • festive
  • fetching
  • fetid
  • feudal
  • feverish
  • few
  • fewer

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Starting with ‘Fi”

  • fictional
  • fictitious
  • fidgeting
  • fidgety
  • fiendish
  • fierce
  • fiery
  • fifth
  • Filipino
  • filmy
  • filtered
  • filthy
  • final
  • financial
  • fine
  • finicky
  • finite
  • fireproof
  • firm
  • first
  • fiscal
  • fishy
  • fit
  • fitted
  • fitting
  • five
  • fixable
  • fixed

Starting with ‘Fl”

  • flabby
  • flagrant
  • flaky
  • flamboyant
  • flaming
  • flammable
  • flashy
  • flat
  • flattened
  • flattered
  • flattering
  • flavored
  • flavorful
  • flavorless
  • flawed
  • flawless
  • fleeting
  • flexible
  • flickering
  • flimsy
  • flirtatious
  • floating
  • flooded
  • floral
  • flowering
  • flowery
  • fluent
  • fluffy
  • flushed
  • fluttering
  • flying

Starting with ‘Fo”

  • foamy
  • focused
  • foggy
  • folded
  • following
  • fond
  • foolhardy
  • foolish
  • forbidding
  • forceful
  • foreboding
  • foregoing
  • foreign
  • forensic
  • foreseeable
  • forged
  • forgetful
  • forgettable
  • forgivable
  • forgiving
  • forgotten
  • forked
  • formal
  • formative
  • former
  • formidable
  • formless
  • formulaic
  • forthright
  • fortuitous
  • fortunate
  • forward
  • foul
  • foul-smelling
  • four
  • fourth
  • foxy

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Starting with ‘Fr”

  1. fractional
  2. fractious
  3. fragile
  4. fragmented
  5. fragrant
  6. frail
  7. frank
  8. frantic
  9. fraternal
  10. fraudulent
  11. frayed
  12. freakish
  13. freaky
  14. freckled
  15. free
  16. freezing
  17. French
  18. frequent
  19. fresh
  20. fretful
  21. fried
  22. friendly
  23. frightened
  24. frightening
  25. frightful
  26. frigid
  27. frilly
  28. frisky
  29. frivolous
  30. frizzy
  31. front
  32. frosty
  33. frothy
  34. frowning
  35. frozen
  36. frugal
  37. fruitful
  38. fruitless
  39. fruity
  40. frumpy
  41. frustrated
  42. frustrating

Starting with ‘Fu”

  • fulfilled
  • fulfilling
  • full
  • fully-grown
  • fulsome
  • fumbling
  • fuming
  • fun
  • functional
  • fundamental
  • fun-loving
  • funniest
  • funny
  • furious
  • furry
  • furthest
  • furtive
  • fussy
  • futile
  • future
  • futuristic
  • fuzzy
  • feeble minded


F adjectives really make our talk fulfilled! The above given list of F adjectives is essentially important and carefully crafted for your ease!

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We hope this collection of important adjectives beginning with F would definitely help you in your dealings!

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Meaning & Example Sentences of Adjectives Starting with F

Do you know there are few fantastic F words to frame out anything fit into your words? Yes! we have listed here important F adjectives with meaning and example sentences that would make you understand the context of that word while you use them in your words. These describing words starting with F would really give a fine addition to your repository of words.

It was really wonderful and fabulous vacation experience with you.

This seems to be a factitious drive in the market that has sparked unease among common people.

He failed to achieve his mission

No body would grant such a huge task to such a fainthearted person like him.

It was a fair and fine deal.

I must remain calm and faithful to the cause.

He nurtured what the fallacious hopes to reach at his goal before anyone else does.

I might not be familiar to the whole story but you are requested to write me the gist of all.

He became joyed and famished with the service offered to him at office.

It was really a fantastic experience to meet you here.

This guy, as told by him, belongs to the far flung area of our country.

The troops landed at far off shores in Pacific.

His acumen and farsighted approach prevented the dangers to his life.

I was happy and fascinated at the natural beauty of forests.

He seems to be such a fastidious fellow and I believe he might not enjoy the life as the common man does.

I became fatigued to the repeated call made by someone at the door.

No one would believe, nor appreciate such a faulty judgement.

They worked hard to achieve their favorable goals in life.

Our favorite author is luckily in our town.

He acted in such a bold and fearless manner that everybody applauded for him.

He seems to be sick and febrile.

The ideas presented by him are unique and fertile.

There seem a few than never clients in his office today.

He stood for a tough and fierce competition to his opponent.

The financial loss suffered by his company may get redeemed by the Govt Policy.

He is wonderful and a flexible fellow.

Alex spoke in a flowery tone and was easily caught for his words.

He is audacious and fluent speaker.

His forceful and aggressive approach somehow led the problem to the solution.

Everybody disliked his forthright approach to the problem.

His profit margin in business got doubled by the fortuitous stroke of luck.

I must remain thankful as I am the only fortunate fellow selected for this exciting opportunity.

His frank and open minded approach was somehow correct.

We would like to have happy and friendly relations with everyone.

His entire struggle became and fruitless and down the drain.

Beauty is the fundamental truth.

His futuristic approach is what that keeps him happy and hopeful.


Hope you have hailed here rightly and we strongly believe that you have few fine fabulous and fantastic F words on your side. We would continue to add more and more sweet F words to help you speak more fluently in future

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