Adjectives for Society

Adjectives for Society | Words to Describe about Society

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same spatial or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Here are some adjectives for describing different types of societies:

Adjectives for Society | Words to Use for Society:

Agrarian: relating to the cultivation of land and the raising of crops. (“an agrarian society”)

Capitalist: having a free-market economy in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit. (“a capitalist society”)

Communist: having a political system in which the government owns the means of production and there is no private property. (“a communist society”)

Egalitarian: having a social, political or economic system that treats all people equally. (“an egalitarian society”)

Feudal: relating to a system of landownership and vassalage, typical of the Middle Ages in Europe, in which nobles held land from a king or lord in return for their military service. (“a feudal society”)

Adjectives for Society

Hierarchical: having a strict social order based on rank or class. (“a hierarchical society”)

Industrial: relating to the production of goods by machines in factories. (“an industrial society”)

Linguistic: relating to language or the study of language. (“a linguistic society”)

Literate: able to read and write. (“a literate society”)

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Matriarchal: having a social system in which the mother is the head of the family and women have a lot of power. (“a matriarchal society”)

Mercantile: relating to trade or commerce. (“a mercantile society”)

Monetary: relating to money or currency. (“a monetary society”)

Negative Adjectives for Society:

Abusive: involving cruel and violent treatment. (“an abusive society”)

Addictive: causing or characterized by addiction. (“an addictive society”)

Authoritarian: having a form of government in which one person has complete control. (“an authoritarian society”)

Bigoted: having or showing prejudice or intolerance. (“a bigoted society”)

Corrupt: having dishonest or immoral behavior. (“a corrupt society”)

Destructive: causing destruction or harm. (“a destructive society”)

Dictatorial: having the power to rule in an autocratic way. (“a dictatorial society”)

Discriminatory: involving unfair treatment of people based on their race, gender, etc. (“a discriminatory society”)

Domineering: having a lot of power and control over others. (“a domineering society”)

Exploitative: using people or resources for unfair gain. (“an exploitative society”)

Fanatical: having extreme and unreasonable beliefs. (“a fanatical society”)

Hateful: feeling or showing strong dislike or hostility. (“a hateful society”)

Adjectives for High Society:

Affluent: having a lot of money or assets. (“an affluent society”)

Elite: consisting of the best or most powerful people in a group. (“an elite society”)

Exclusive: only including or involving a small number of people. (“an exclusive society”)

Glamorous: having a lot of appeal and excitement. (“a glamorous society”)

Influential: having the power to affect or change people or things. (“an influential society”)

Intellectual: relating to the use of the mind for study, thought, and reasoning. (“an intellectual society”)

Prestigious: having a high reputation and status. (“a prestigious society”)

Privileged: having special rights or advantages. (“a privileged society”)

Refined: having good taste and manners. (“a refined society”)

Adjectives for American Anti Slavery Society:

Active: doing something or taking part in an event. (“an active society”)
Bold: not afraid to do something that could be risky or dangerous. (“a bold society”)
Committed: working earnestly towards a goal or belief. (“a committed society”)
Dedicated: devoted to a cause or ideal. (“a dedicated society”)
Energetic: having a lot of enthusiasm and energy. (“an energetic society”)
Motivated: having a strong reason to do something. (“a motivated society”)
Purposeful: having a specific goal or aim. (“a purposeful society”)
Resolute: having a determined and firm attitude. (“a resolute society”)
Tenacious: not giving up easily. (“a tenacious society”)
Unwavering: remaining steady or constant in one’s opinion

Adjectives for today’s Society:

Connected: having a relationship or being connected to others. (“a connected society”)
Diverse: having many different types of people or things. (“a diverse society”)
Global: relating to the whole world. (“a global society”)
Interdependent: relying on each other for help or support. (“an interdependent society”)
Multicultural: having people from many different cultures. (“a multicultural society”)
Open: willing to consider new ideas or opinions. (“an open society”)
Tolerant: accepting of others’ beliefs or practices.

Conclusion: Therefore, these are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe different types of societies. It is important to remember that these words only represent a small portion of the English language, and there are many other ways to describe a society using different words. In addition, the connotations of these words may vary depending on the context in which they are used. Thank You.

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What is the word for a good society?

The word “utopia” typically describes a perfect or ideal society.

What is the word for an imaginary society?

The word “utopia” can also describe an imaginary society that is usually unrealistic or unattainable.

What are adjectives to describe a community?

The five adjectives to describe a community are diverse, inclusive, supportive, caring and connected.


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