Adjectives For Strength

Adjectives for Strength-Words For Strength

Strength refers at its core to the ability to exert force. When we think of strength, we often think of physical power and might—the capacity to lift heavy weights or perform other feats of physical prowess. But strength can also refer to mental qualities like fortitude and resolve; emotional qualities like courage and compassion; or spiritual qualities like faith and conviction.

List of Adjectives for Strength | Describing Words For Strength

When it comes to describing someone who is strong, there are many different adjectives that can be used, depending on the type of strength being referenced. Here are some examples:

1. Able
2. Adventuresome
3. Amplified
4. Ardent
5. Attentive
6. Bold
7. Brave
8. Bright
9. Brilliant
10. Capable
11. Caring
12. Competent
13. Confident Adjectives For Strength

Adjectives for Strengths & Weakness:

14. Daring
15. Decisive
16. Dedicated
17. Determined
18. Direct
19. Driven
20. Eager
21. Focused
22. Forceful
23. Goal-Oriented
24. Hardy
25. Healthy

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Adjectives for Strength of Character:

26. Honest
27. Humble
28. Independent
29. Inspiring
30. Intelligent
31. Intuitive
32. Just
33. Kind
34. Leaderly
35. Logical

Adjectives for Inner Strength

36. Mature
37. Mental
38. Motivated
39. Optimistic
40. Passionate
41. Patriotic
42. Physical
43. Principled
44. Rational
45. Resilient
46. Resourceful
47. Righteous

Adjectives for women’s Strength:

48. Sensitive
49. Sentimental
50. Smart
51. Spirited
52. Strong-Willed
53. Stubborn
54. Sweet
55. Sympathetic
56. Tender
57. Tenacious
58. Thankful

Strength adjectives for Interviews:

59. Trustworthy
60. Truthful
61. Understanding
62. Unique
63. Unwavering
64. Upstanding
65. Vital
66. Vulnerable
67. Wise
68. Worthy
69. Young
70. Youthful

Conclusion: Therefore, these are some of the adjectives which can be used for strengths.

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What is the verb and adjective for strength?

The adjective form of the noun strength is strong. The verb form is strengthen.

What are some other words for strength?

There are many other words that can be used to describe strength, including power, might, fortitude, resolve, courage, and conviction.

What is the adjective of courage?

The adjective form of the noun courage is courageous. Other words that can be used to describe courage include brave, fearless, and daring.

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