Adjectives for patience

Adjectives for Patience- Words to Describe Patience

Adjectives for Patience: Following are the adjectives for Patience with Meaning and Example Sentence.

1. Abiding: having a long or infinite duration; eternal. (The abiding love of God never fails.)

2. Bearing: capable of withstanding weight, pressure, or stress without breaking. (The bridge bearing the weight of the cars.)

3. Calm: free from tumult or disturbance; quiet; serene. (She tried to keep a calm voice.)

4. Contented: satisfied with one’s possessions or situation; content. (He was content to wait for her reply.)

5. Deliberate: done with full consciousness and intention; intentional. (It was a deliberate choice to come here.)

6. Enduring: lasting or enduring through time; lasting. (The enduring love between a mother and her child.)

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7. Faithful: reliable, trustworthy, and steadfast. (She was a faithful friend during difficult times.)

8. Forbearing: characterized by patience and self-control; tolerant. (He was forbearing with his young students.)

9. Long-suffering: patient under suffering or provocation; tolerant. (She was long-suffering in the face of hardship.)

10. Patient: able to tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. (The doctor had to be patient with his impatient patients.)

11. Persevering: steadfast in purpose or pursuit; persistent. (She was a persevering student, determined to get her degree.)

12. Quiet: free from tumult, disturbance, or violence; peaceful. (It was a quiet night, with only the sound of crickets chirping.)

13. Resigned: accepting something unpleasant as inevitable or working toward an acceptable solution. (He was resigned to the fact that he would never see his homeland again.)

14. Tolerant: willing to accept or allow something, even though it may not be desirable. (She was tolerant of different cultures and beliefs.)

15. Unruffled: not agitated or disturbed; calm. (In the face of adversity, she remained unruffled.)

16. Untroubled: not disturbed or troubled; calm. (He was untroubled by the news of the world.)

17. unwavering: firm in purpose or belief; steadfast. (She was unwavering in her support of her team, even when they were losing.)

18. Steadfast: not moved or turned aside; resolute. (He was steadfast in his determination to succeed.)

19. Strong-willed: having or showing a determined and unyielding spirit. (She was a strong-willed child, who always got her way.)

20. Willing: disposed or inclined toward; ready. (He was willing to help, even though he was tired.)

Tips how to use describing words for Patience

When you are describing someone who is patient, it is important to choose words that accurately reflect the person’s character. It is also important to be specific in your description, so that your listener or reader can easily visualize the person you are talking about.

If you are having trouble finding the right words, try thinking of people you know who exemplify patience, and use their qualities as a starting point for your description. You can also try looking up synonyms for patience in a thesaurus, or reading about famous people who are known for their patience.

Once you have a list of words that you think describe the person’s character, try using them in a sentence to see how they sound. If you are still unsure, ask a friend or family member for their opinion. With a little practice, you will be able to describe someone’s patience with ease!

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Therefore, these are the adjectives to describe a patient person. If you want to describe someone’s character, you can use any of these words. They are all positive adjectives that will help paint a picture of someone who is calm, content, reliable, and more. Just remember to be specific in your description, so that your listener or reader can easily visualize the person you are talking about. Thanks for reading!

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