adjectives for cupcakes

Adjectives for Cupcakes | Words to describe about Cupcakes

A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in molds of various shapes (round, square, heart). Cupcakes are typically eaten in the afternoon with tea or coffee.

Adjectives For Cupcakes- Words to describe about Cupcakes with Meaning:

1. Decorative: to make something look attractive or pretty. – The cupcakes looked very decorative with the icing and strawberries on top of it.

2. Delicious: pleasant to taste, especially because it has a lot of flavor. – I had one bite of that delicious cupcake and I was hooked.

3. Fatty: containing a large amount of fat. – I try not to eat too many fatty foods because they’re bad for you. adjectives for cupcakes

4. Pretty: nice to look at or be with. – The baby looks so pretty when she sleeps in her bed without the blankets on top of her.

5. Frosted: covered with a hard layer of sweet white or coloured icing. – The cupcakes looked so good when they were frosted with the colored icing.

6. Sugary: tasting or containing sugar. – I don’t really like sugary foods because I’m trying to watch my weight.

7. Sweet: (of food) tasting like sugar and containing a lot of sugar. – I love sweet foods like cupcakes, candy, chocolate bars.

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8. Cute: attractive in a pretty or endearing way. – The cupcake was so cute with the little strawberry on top of it.

9. Delightful: very pleasant; exciting. – The cupcake was delightful because it had some chocolate chips in it.

10. Fluffy: (of food or drink) full of bubbles or something light and soft like bubbles. – The cupcake was so fluffy and delicious with the strawberry on top of it.

11. Dainty: small and delicate. – The dainty cream cheese cupcakes looked so good with the little heart-shaped decorations on top of them.

12. Wholesome: (of food) containing little or no substances that are harmful to your health. – I try to eat wholesome foods like lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

13. Tasty: having a good flavor. – The cupcakes looked so tasty with the chocolate chips in them and they were covered in icing.

Negative Words to describe about Cupcakes with Meaning:

1.  Malicious: (of actions, remarks, etc.) intended to cause harm. – I think it’s so malicious of Kate to do such a thing to her best friend.

2. Tasteless: (of food) having no flavor or making you feel like you want to eat more because it doesn’t taste good. – I think that cupcake would go great with some milk or juice to make it taste better.

3. How do You describe cupcakes?

yummy, moist, delicious, sugary, fluffy, sweet, delightful!! Cupcakes: delicious and fluffy.

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