75 Zany Cartoon Characters that Start with Letter Z

As we journey through the world of animation, we have come across countless lovable and unforgettable characters. And in this article, we will be exploring 25 cartoon characters whose names begin with the letter Z.

1. Zapdos ( Pokemon )

Starting off our list is Zapdos from the popular animated series “Pokemon”. This legendary bird Pokemon has been a fan favorite since its debut in the first generation of the franchise. Known for its electric powers and stunning design, Zapdos is a force to be reckoned with. It has been featured in multiple episodes and movies, cementing its place in the hearts of Pokemon fans worldwide.

Cartoon Characters that Start with Z

2. Zazu ( The Lion King )

Next up is a character that needs no introduction – Zazu from Disney’s “The Lion King”. This uptight yet lovable hornbill serves as the majordomo to Mufasa and later Simba. With his strict adherence to rules and hilarious one-liners, Zazu has become an iconic character in the Disney universe.

3. Zatch Bell ( Konjiki no Gash!! )

Zatch Bell, also known as Gash Bell in some translations, is the titular character of the anime series “Konjiki no Gash!!”. This energetic and kind-hearted demon child has been sent to Earth to compete in a battle to become the next king of the mamodo world. Alongside his human partner, Kiyo Takamine, Zatch goes on many adventures and battles against other mamodos.

4. Zenon Kar ( Skyrunners )

From the Disney Channel original movie “Skyrunners” comes Zenon Kar, a mischievous teenage girl who finds out that her family is actually from another planet. With her quick wit and adventurous spirit, Zenon becomes the key to stopping an alien invasion. This sci-fi character has become a beloved figure among young viewers.

5. Zilla ( Godzilla: The Series )

Zilla may not be as well-known as its counterpart, Godzilla, but this mutated iguana has made its mark in the animated series “Godzilla: The Series”. After being created by H.E.A.T. members Nick Tatopoulos and Elsie Chapman, Zilla becomes their ally in protecting the world from other kaiju threats.

6. Zim ( Invader Zim )

Zim is another character that has gained a cult following among animated series enthusiasts. Hailing from the planet Irk, this overconfident alien is sent to conquer Earth but fails miserably due to his own incompetence and interference from his robotic sidekick GIR. Despite being an antagonist, Zim’s hilarious antics have made him a fan favorite.

7. Zazu ( Johnny Quest )

Another character by the name of Zazu comes from the classic animated series “Johnny Quest”. This blundering spy serves as comic relief in between the adventurous missions undertaken by Johnny and his team. With his catchy one-liners, Zazu adds a touch of humor to this action-packed show.

8. Ziggy ( Zigby )

Ziggy is the main character of the animated series “Zigby”, based on a book series by Brian Paterson. This curious and adventurous zebra lives in a land where different species coexist peacefully. Ziggy often finds himself in sticky situations but always manages to come out victorious with his determination and quick thinking.

9. Zazu ( The Lion Guard )

The third iteration of Zazu on our list comes from Disney’s “The Lion Guard” series. This time, Zazu is not only the majordomo to Simba but also serves as a mentor and advisor to the young lion prince Kion. With his vast knowledge and experience, Zazu helps guide Kion in his mission to protect the Pride Lands.

10. Zero ( Nightmare Before Christmas )

From the iconic stop-motion animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” comes Zero, the ghost dog of Jack Skellington. This loyal and friendly canine helps Jack in his plans to take over Christmas but also serves as a moral compass for him. With his glowing red nose, Zero has become a memorable character in this beloved movie.

11. Zoey ( Total Drama )

Zoey is one of the contestants on the reality TV show “Total Drama”, known for its over-the-top challenges and dramatic plotlines. This kind-hearted and intelligent girl often finds herself caught up in the drama between her fellow contestants, but always manages to maintain her compassion and integrity.

12. Zant ( Legend of Zelda )

Introduced in “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, Zant is a powerful and enigmatic villain who seeks to rule over the land of Hyrule. With his twisted sense of humor and unique design, Zant has become a fan favorite among the many villains in the “Legend of Zelda” franchise.

13. Zara ( The Loud House )

From Nickelodeon’s hit animated series “The Loud House” comes Zara, a new character introduced in the show’s fifth season. This fashion-forward teenage girl quickly becomes friends with Lincoln and his sisters, adding a new dynamic to the already chaotic household.

14. Zenon ( Guardians of the Galaxy )

Zenon is a member of the alien race known as Zn’rx and appears in the animated series “Guardians of the Galaxy”. This strong and fearless warrior joins forces with Star-Lord and his team to protect the galaxy from various threats. With her no-nonsense attitude and powerful abilities, Zenon has become a standout character in this action-packed show.

15. Zimbo ( ChalkZone )

Zimbo is one of Rudy Tabootie’s drawings that comes to life in the animated series “ChalkZone”. This mischievous and energetic creature often causes chaos for Rudy but ultimately becomes his friend and ally. With his unique design and lovable personality, Zimbo has become a fan favorite among viewers.

16. Zoey ( Sesame Street )

Zoey is a Muppet character from the long-running children’s show “Sesame Street”. She is known for her bubbly personality and love of dancing. With her positive attitude and catchy songs, Zoey has become a beloved character in the Sesame Street universe.

17. Zuko ( Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Zuko is one of the main characters in the critically acclaimed animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. Originally introduced as the antagonist, Zuko undergoes a transformation throughout the show and becomes one of the most complex and well-developed characters. With his internal struggles and eventual redemption, Zuko has become a fan favorite among viewers.

18. Ziggy ( LazyTown )

Ziggy is one of the main characters in the live-action/animated children’s show “LazyTown”. This lovable and energetic young boy is always eager to join in on the activities and adventures of his friends. With his love for sweets and catchy songs, Ziggy has become a memorable character in this colorful and whimsical world.

19. Zim ( Gargoyles )

From the classic animated series “Gargoyles” comes another character by the name of Zim. This gargoyle is one of the few survivors of his species and joins forces with the main characters to protect New York City from various threats. With his powerful abilities and fierce loyalty, Zim has become a fan favorite in this action-packed show.

20. Zoey ( Bratz )

Zoey is one of the core characters in the popular doll franchise and animated series “Bratz”. With her love for fashion and strong sense of self, Zoey has become a role model for young girls. She also serves as a reminder to always stay true to oneself and follow your dreams.

21. Zombie ( Plants vs. Zombies )

Zombie is the main antagonist in the popular video game “Plants vs. Zombies”. This brain-eating undead creature serves as the leader of an army of zombies that invades a neighborhood, with players taking on the role of plants to defend their home. With his comical design and catchy theme song, Zombie has become a fan favorite among gamers.

22. Zee ( TUGS )

Zee is one of the tugboat characters in the animated series “TUGS”. This hardworking and reliable boat often finds himself caught up in adventures with his friend Ten Cents. With his distinctive design and strong work ethic, Zee has become a beloved character among fans of this classic show.

23. Zoey ( The Fairly OddParents )

Zoey is one of the main characters in the popular animated series “The Fairly OddParents”. This energetic and adventurous young girl becomes friends with Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, adding more chaos to their already crazy lives. With her sassy attitude and love for mischief, Zoey has become a fan favorite among viewers.

24. Zilla ( Godzilla )

Zilla, also known as Godzilla in the English version of the franchise, is a giant monster and the title character of the iconic Japanese film series. This colossal creature has become a pop culture icon worldwide and has been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, and video games over the years.

25. Zuko ( Korra )

Zuko, the son of Avatar Aang from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, reappears in the sequel series “The Legend of Korra”. As an adult, he serves as a mentor to the new avatar and helps her in her journey to restore balance to the world. With his wisdom and guidance, Zuko continues to be a beloved character in the Avatar universe.

More Cartoon Characters Starting with Letter Z:

S.No Character Name Anime Series/Movie Name
1 Zazu The Lion King
2 Zeus Hercules
3 Ziggy The Jungle Book
4 Zini Dinosaur
5 Professor “Z” Cars 2
6 Zoidberg Futurama
7 Zurg Toy Story 2/Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
8 Zangief Wreck-It Ralph
9 Zarina The Pirate Fairy
10 Zephyr The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
11 Zok The Herculoids
12 Zorak Space Ghost Coast to Coast
13 Zorn Son of Zorn
14 Zak Saturday The Secret Saturdays
15 Zed Men in Black: The Series
16 Zapp Brannigan Futurama
17 Zeta the Sorceress Shimmer and Shine
18 Zeb Orrelios Star Wars Rebels
19 Zero The Nightmare Before Christmas
20 Zoffy Ultraman
21 Zatch Bell Zatch Bell!
22 Zuma PAW Patrol
23 Zan Super Friends
24 Zuma Paw Patrol
25 Zowie Polie Rolie Polie Olie
26 Zed Kiba
27 Zee True and the Rainbow Kingdom
28 Zeta Shimmer and Shine
29 Zeke Zeke’s Pad
30 Zen-Aku Power Rangers Wild Force
31 Zilla Godzilla: The Series
32 Zebu Kimba the White Lion
33 Zim Invader Zim
34 Zuko Avatar: The Last Airbender
35 Zane Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
36 Zou Zou
37 Zarchim Mofy
38 Zowie Rolie Polie Olie
39 Ziv Zulander Bots Master
40 Zak Dragon Tales
41 Zandra Zeke’s Pad
42 Zowie Soucie Rolie Polie Olie
43 Zadavia Loonatics Unleashed
44 Zitzy Larva
45 Zark Battle of the Planets
46 Zelda Sabrina: The Animated Series
47 Zack Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
48 Zoot Muppet Babies
49 Zenith Shimmer and Shine
50 Zebstrika Pokémon


Overall, these 75 cartoon characters that start with the letter Z bring a diverse set of personalities and roles to various mediums, from TV shows to video games. Each one has captured the hearts of fans and become a significant part of their respective franchises. Whether they are heroes or villains, these characters have left a lasting impact on pop culture and will continue to be enjoyed by audiences for years to come. So, next time you come across a cartoon character starting with Z, remember the unique qualities and contributions of these characters listed above.


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