Fish Names that Start with Letter T

85 Terrific Fish Names that Start with Letter T [ Fish Names ]

Are you a fish enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge about different types of fish? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will be discussing 85 different fish names that start with the letter T. From tropical freshwater fish to deep-sea dwellers, we’ve got it all covered. So, let’s dive right in.

Fish Names that Start with Letter T

Fish Names Starting with T

S.No: Fish Name Fish Description
1 Tarpon Known for their silver scales and acrobatic jumps, they’re popular game fish in saltwater.
2 Tiger Shark A large predatory shark known for its tiger-like stripes.
3 Triggerfish Named for their spiny dorsal fins, they’re known for their bright colors and strong jaws.
4 Trout Freshwater fish species found in rivers and lakes, known for their tasty flesh.
5 Tuna Large, fast-swimming pelagic fish, known for their high-speed and endurance.
6 Turbot A flat fish prized as a food delicacy, native to marine or brackish waters of the North Atlantic.
7 Thresher Shark Known for their long, whip-like tails used to stun prey.
8 Threadfin Named for their long, thread-like pectoral fins, they’re found in tropical and subtropical waters.
9 Tilapia Freshwater fish native to Africa, popular in aquaculture due to their fast growth and palatability.
10 Toadfish Known for their broad, flat heads and ability to produce sounds.
11 Tang Brightly colored, reef-dwelling fish known for their compressed bodies and sharp spines.
12 Tetra Small, brightly colored freshwater fish popular in aquariums.
13 Treefish A rockfish known for its black and yellow stripes resembling the pattern of a tree’s bark.
14 Tilefish Known for their bright colors and tendency to dig burrows in the seafloor.
15 Tommy Ruff (Australian Herring) Also known as Australian Herring, they’re small, schooling fish native to Australia.
16 Tope Shark A large, predatory shark known for its long migrations.
17 Torpedo Ray Known for their ability to generate electric shocks to stun prey.
18 Triplefin Named for their three dorsal fins, they’re small fish found in shallow waters.
19 Trumpetfish Named for their long, trumpet-like mouths, they’re adept at camouflaging within coral reefs.
20 Tub Gurnard Known for their large, wing-like pectoral fins and ability to produce sounds.
21 Tuskfish Known for their tusk-like teeth used to dig for food in the substrate.
22 Two-spot Red Snapper A popular food fish known for the two spots on the sides of its body.
23 Tailor (Bluefish) Also known as Bluefish, they are aggressive predators known for their blue color.
24 Tadpole Codlet A small, bottom-dwelling fish with a tadpole-like appearance.
25 Tadpole Fish Known for their tadpole-like shape, they are a type of flathead fish.
26 Tautog A slow-growing, long-living fish known for their strong teeth.
27 Telescopefish Deep-sea fish known for their long, slender bodies and large, telescopic eyes.
28 Thornback Ray Known for the thorny spines on their backs, they’re commonly found in coastal waters.
29 Threadfin Butterflyfish Known for their thin, thread-like dorsal and anal fins.
30 Threespot Damselfish Known for the three white spots on their dark bodies.
31 Tompot Blenny Known for their elongated bodies and fringed tentacles above the eyes.
32 Topminnow Small, surface-dwelling fish known for their upturned mouths.
33 Torquigener A type of pufferfish known for their ability to create intricate circular nests.
34 Transparent Goby A small, transparent fish commonly found in the Mediterranean Sea.
35 Trevally Powerful predators known for their speed and strength.
36 Triggerfish Known for their unique swimming style and strong jaws.
37 Tripletail Named for the three rounded fins that resemble tails.
38 Tropical Two-wing Flyingfish Known for their ability to glide above the water surface.
39 Trunkfish Known for their box-like shape and tough, bony plates.
40 Tubeshoulder Deep-sea fish known for the tube-like structure on their shoulders.
41 Tui Chub A species of freshwater minnow native to western North America.
42 Tuna A large, fast-swimming fish known for its high-speed and endurance.
43 Turquoise Killifish A small, brightly colored fish popular in aquariums.
44 Twilight Basslet A deep-sea fish known for their vibrant colors.
45 Twospot Cardinalfish Known for the two spots on their bodies, they’re nocturnal reef dwellers.
46 Twospot Maori Wrasse Known for the two spots on their bodies and intricate facial patterns.
47 Twostripe Goby Known for the two stripes running down the length of their bodies.
48 Talang Queenfish A fast-swimming predatory fish, popular among sport fishermen.
49 Tesselata Eel A large, predatory eel known for its tessellated color pattern.
50 Threespine Stickleback Known for the three spines on their back, they are a popular model organism in scientific research.
51 Tiger Barb A small, schooling fish known for their black, tiger-like stripes.
52 Tinfoil Barb Named for their shiny, silver scales, they are a large species of barb.
53 Titan Triggerfish Known for their large size and strong jaws, they are one of the most aggressive reef fish.
54 Toothed Seabream Known for their toothed pharyngeal bones, they are a popular food fish in the Mediterranean.
55 Traffic Light Cardinalfish Known for the red, yellow, and green coloration on their bodies.
56 Tripletail Wrasse Known for the three lobes on their caudal fin, they are a colorful reef fish.
57 Tubemouth Whiptail Ray Named for their tube-like mouths, they are a unique species of ray.
58 Twilight Fangblenny Known for their elongated bodies and fang-like teeth.
59 Twobar Seabream Known for the two black bars on their bodies, they are a popular food fish in the Indo-Pacific.
60 Twoline Monocle Bream Known for the two lines running down the sides of their bodies.
61 Tetra Tetras are a popular tropical freshwater fish species known for their vibrant colors and peaceful nature. They come in various sizes, shapes, and patterns, making them a favorite among aquarists.
62 Tiger Barb As the name suggests, this fish is known for its tiger-like stripes and vibrant orange color. They are a social species and prefer to be kept in groups.
63 Threadfin Rainbowfish This stunning freshwater fish has long thread-like fins that give it an elegant appearance. They are relatively easy to care for and make excellent community tank inhabitants.
63 Tuna Tuna is a popular saltwater fish that is widely consumed as food. They are known for their speed and agility, making them a favorite among sport fishermen.
64 Tilapia Tilapia is another popular freshwater fish that has gained popularity in the aquaculture industry due to its fast growth rate and mild taste.
65 Triggerfish These colorful, oval-shaped fish are known for their unique defense mechanism – locking themselves in small spaces by using their fin spines.
67 Tang Tangs, also known as surgeonfish, are a diverse group of marine fish known for their striking colors and distinctive scalpel-like spine on their tail.
68 Tripletail Tripletails are a type of saltwater fish known for their large, flat bodies and three distinctive lobes on their dorsal fins.
69 Tetraodon Tetraodons, also known as pufferfish, are popular for their unique ability to inflate themselves when threatened. They come in various sizes and make fascinating additions to a home aquarium.
70 Tilefish This deep-sea fish is known for its colorful, tile-like scales and mild-tasting flesh. They are popular among commercial fishermen as they are highly prized for their delicate flavor.
71 Tigerfish This ferocious freshwater fish is named after its tiger-like stripes and sharp teeth. They are sought after by sport anglers due to their aggressive nature and powerful fighting abilities.
72 Turbot Turbots are a type of flatfish found in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. They have a diamond-shaped body with both eyes on one side, making them masters of camouflage.
73 Tench Tench is a popular freshwater fish known for its olive-green color and silvery scales. They are prized by anglers for their strong fighting abilities and delicious taste.
74 Threadfin Threadfins are a group of fish found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. They have long thread-like dorsal and anal fins, giving them their name.
75 Tautog Tautogs, also known as blackfish, are a type of saltwater fish found along the Atlantic coast of North America. They have a distinct black stripe along their side, giving them a striking appearance.
76 Toadfish Toadfish are bottom-dwelling saltwater fish known for their unusual croaking sound. They have long, flat bodies and are usually found in shallow waters.
77 Tarpon Tarpons are large, silvery fish found in both saltwater and freshwater environments. They are known for their strength and acrobatic jumps when hooked, making them a prized catch among anglers.
78 Tripletail Tripletails are a type of saltwater fish known for their large, flat bodies and three distinctive lobes on their dorsal fins.
79 Trevally Trevallies, also known as jacks, are a group of predatory fish found in tropical and subtropical waters. They have a silvery color with golden or dark stripes along their sides.
80 Thresher Shark Thresher sharks are large, fast-swimming predators found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide. They have an elongated tail that they use to stun their prey.
81 Tadpole Fish Tadpole fish, also known as frogfish, are masters of camouflage and can change their color and texture to blend in with their surroundings. They have a unique way of swimming that resembles hopping, hence the name.
82 Tire Track Eel Tire track eels are long, snake-like freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. They have distinctive black and white markings that resemble tire tracks, giving them their name.
83 Tasseled Wobbegong Tasseled wobbegongs are bottom-dwelling sharks found in the waters of Australia and Indonesia. They have a unique appearance with fringed skin flaps around their mouths.
84 Threadfin Butterflyfish Threadfin butterflyfish are colorful, tropical saltwater fish known for their elongated dorsal and anal fins. They are peaceful and make excellent additions to a reef tank.
85 Trigger Snailfish Trigger snailfish are deep-sea dwellers found in the waters of New Zealand and Australia. They have a unique appearance with large, puffy cheeks that resemble triggerfish.


And there you have it, 90 different fish names that start with the letter T. From popular aquarium inhabitants to elusive ocean dwellers, these fish offer a diverse range of colors, shapes, and behaviors. Whether you are an avid angler or a passionate aquarist, we hope this guide has given you a better understanding of some fascinating fish species that start with the letter T


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