Adjectives for Conversation

Adjectives for Conversation-Describing words for Conversation

Conversation is not only a two-way street, it’s also the give-and-take of information: a back-and-forth flow of verbal communication. In order to keep that flow moving, we need adjectives to describe different types of conversation.

List of Adjectives for Conservation | Words to talk about Conversation

Here are top 30 adjectives used to describe conversation

1. animated
2. argumentative
3. bantering
4. boisterous
5. brainstorming Adjectives for Conversation

6. casual
7. cheerful
8. collegial
9. comical
10. commanding
11. compassionate
12. confidential
13. contentious
14. convivial
15. cordial
16. critical
17. decorous
18. deliberative
19. didactic
20. earnest
21. facile
22. frank
23. free-flowing
24. gossipy
25. high-level
26. imbecilic
27. jocular
28. low-key
29. meandering
30. mordant

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Adjectives to describe good discussion:

1. respectful
2. civil
3. collaborative
4. cooperative
5. enlightening
6. productive
7. positive
8. inspiring
9. informative
10. instructive

Adjectives to describe bad conversation:

1. awkward
2. stilted
3. inaccessible
4. forced
5. clunky
6. unnatural
7. negative
8. unproductive
9. vexing
10. worthless

Adjectives to describe meaningful conversation:

1. candid
2. intimate
3. revealing
4. significant
5. thought-provoking
6. important
7. useful
8. helpful
9. constructive
10. cathartic


Therefore, conversation is a two-way street, and it is important to use adjectives to describe the different types of conversation in order to keep the flow moving. Good discussion is respectful, civil, and collaborative, while bad conversation is awkward, stilted, and forced. Meaningful conversation is candid, intimate, and revealing.

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How do you describe a way of talking?

There are many ways to describe someone’s way of talking. Some common adjectives used to describe someone’s manner of speaking are: articulate, verbose, loquacious, garrulous, chatty, and communicative.

What is another word for conversation?

The word “conversation” can be replaced with words such as: discussion, talk, chat, dialogue, and communicate.

What makes conversation enjoyable?

There are many things that can make conversation enjoyable. If the topic is interesting, the people are friendly and easy to talk to, and there is a give-and-take of information, then the conversation is likely to be enjoyable.


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