100+ Adjectives that Start with E [ Adjectives List ]

There are certain words like eager, ear shattering etc, that describe a certain situation in a way that you can’t find a powerful like alternative to express those feelings! Yes, these are adjectives that start with E and facilitate our daily talk

E Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with E

Adjectives that start with E

There are certain easy adjectives that are too crucial for an efficient talk or discourse with your friends! Additionally, we have listed here important E adjectives to describe about a Person, place or thing

Starting with “ea”

  • eager
  • early
  • earnest
  • ear-piercing
  • ear-splitting
  • earthshaking
  • earth-shattering
  • earthy
  • east
  • eastern
  • easy
  • easy-going
  • eatable

Starting with “eb”

  • ebullient

Starting with “ec”

  • eccentric
  • echoing
  • ecological
  • economic
  • economical
  • economy
  • ecstatic

Starting with “ed”

  • edgy
  • edible
  • editable
  • educated
  • educational

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Starting with “ee”

  • eerie

Starting with “ef”

  • effective
  • effervescent
  • efficacious
  • efficient
  • effortless
  • effusive

Starting with “eg”

  • egalitarian
  • egocentric
  • ego-maniacal
  • egotistical
  • egregious
  • Egyptian

Starting with “ei”

  • eight
  • eighth

Starting with “el”

  • elaborate
  • elastic
  • elated
  • elderly
  • electric
  • electrical
  • electrifying
  • electronic
  • elegant
  • elementary
  • elevated
  • elfish
  • eligible
  • elite
  • eloquent
  • elusive

Starting with “em”

  • emaciated
  • embarrassed
  • embarrassing
  • embattled
  • embittered
  • emblematic
  • emboldened
  • embroiled
  • emergency
  • eminent
  • emotional
  • emotionless
  • empirical
  • empty

Start with “en”

  • enamored
  • enchanted
  • enchanting
  • encouraged
  • encouraging
  • encrusted
  • endangered
  • endearing
  • endemic
  • endless
  • endurable
  • enduring
  • energetic
  • energizing
  • enforceable
  • engaging
  • engrossing
  • enhanced
  • enigmatic
  • enjoyable
  • enlarged
  • enlightened
  • enormous
  • enraged
  • ensuing
  • enterprising
  • entertaining
  • enthralling
  • enthused
  • enthusiastic
  • enticing
  • entire
  • entrancing
  • entrepreneurial
  • enumerable
  • enviable
  • envious
  • environmental

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Starting with “ep”

  • episodic
  • equable

Starting with “eq”

  • equal
  • equanimous
  • adjectives that start with i
  • equidistant
  • equitable
  • equivalent

Starting with “er”

  • erect
  • eroding
  • errant
  • erratic
  • erroneous
  • eruptive

Starting with “es”

  • escalating
  • esoteric
  • essential
  • established
  • estimated
  • estranged

 Starting with “et”

  • eternal
  • ethereal
  • ethical
  • ethnic

Starting with “eu”

  • euphemistic
  • euphoric
  • European

Starting with “ev”

  • evasive
  • even
  • evenhanded
  • even-tempered
  • eventful
  • eventual
  • everlasting
  • evil
  • evocative

Starting with “ex”

  • exact
  • exacting
  • exaggerated
  • exalted
  • exasperated
  • exasperating
  • excellent
  • exceptional
  • excessive
  • excitable
  • excited
  • exciting
  • exclusive
  • excruciating
  • excusable
  • executable
  • exemplary
  • exhausted
  • exhausting
  • exhaustive
  • exhilarated
  • exhilarating
  • existing
  • exotic
  • expandable
  • expanded
  • expanding
  • expansive
  • expectant
  • expected
  • expedient
  • expeditious
  • expendable
  • expensive
  • experimental
  • expert
  • expired
  • expiring
  • explainable
  • explicit
  • exploding
  • exploitative
  • exploited
  • explosive
  • exponential
  • exposed
  • express
  • expressionless
  • expressive
  • exquisite
  • extemporaneous
  • extendable
  • extended
  • extensive
  • exterior
  • external
  • extra
  • extra-large
  • extraneous
  • extraordinary
  • extra-small
  • extravagant
  • extreme
  • exuberant

Starting with “ey”


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One has indeed come to the conclusion that the letter E has really wonderful adjectives to begin with, These adjectives do really help us to explain about anything more clearly and with great ease!

Meaning & Example Sentences of E Adjectives

No word  became more clear unless it is explained with meaning and example sentence. Here is why we have given meaning and example sentences of all Important E adjectives with sentences to make clear the context of that adjectives. These E adjectives can widely be used in your conversation, debate, talk etc while you are narrating or describing a person or thing with complete feature, its positives and negatives etc.

He was eager to marry the girl.

In an early morning he left his home.

I would like to give you the earnest regards of my brother along with the gifts.

It was really an earth shattering incident that took dozens of lives

It was like an easy going when we were with company hired guide in the city.

He is such an eccentric fellow and can hardly be trusted.

In budget there are only a few items that have become economical.

This one is an editable document.

We are living in an educated society.

This medicine may prove most effective in preventing the spread of disease.

Let’s work out to find out an efficient way to solve this mess once for all.

This one is an effortless and most needed solution of this mess.

The egalitarian society is what that may guarantee for personal freedom and growth.

Your statement is condemnable and can be put as an egregious lie.

He put forward an elaborate explanation of issue.

He became elated when he found that his strategy worked.

The gift you chose is efficient and most elegant.

He worked hard to see an elevated status of his family.

He was a competent and eloquent speaker of the club.

This seems to be an elusive fact that defies the common logic.

He became embraced at the rude behavior of his family with his best friend.

His success emboldened the others in his society.

I must appreciate his emotional attachment with his sincere friend.

He was enchanted by the fascinating beauty of girl.

His steps has endangered the lives of many.

Smuggling is an enduring issue of this society.

Her enigmatic beauty filled him with hope and inspiration.

He got enraged at the rude behavior of his old friend.

He is an enthusiastic and most deserving candidate for next election.

I became envious over the love and respect he commanded in his circle.

All humanity is equal with a shared responsibility.

His errant conduct made him a despicable fellow in the class.

No body would trust him due to his erratic behavior.

His conduct was less ethical and controversial.

No body would guarantee for the safety of his eventual loss.

He exalted the status of women in society.

He got exasperated over the rude behavior of security staff.

It is expected that the new batch would commence by the next week.

His extravagant and excessive spending would reduce him to poverty sooner or later.


Here we go we have all essential describing words that begin with E, with proper meaning and easy to understand example sentences to help you make clear your understanding. Additionally, we would continue to add more words to our list of words.


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