Adjectives that start with D

200+ Daring Adjectives that Start with D

The d adjectives are very crucial, given the fact you have the wit to use them wisely! In our daily life we do experience a lot of circumstances where we might face the shortness of words while describing the positive or negative features something! The people of daily talk like teachers, Marketing men, speaker etc, do realize how adjectives are important in daily talk

D Adjectives | Adjectives that begin with D

Adjectives that start with D

Here come! we have given here complete list of all Important Adjectives that start with D. Additionally, few solved examples of d adjectives with sentences would give you an exact idea in which context you might use those adjectives in your daily write up. Additionally you may also find here D adjectives to describe about a Person,

Starting with “da”

  • daffy
  • daft
  • daily
  • dainty
  • damaged
  • damaging
  • damp
  • danceable
  • dandy
  • dangerous
  • dapper
  • daring
  • dark
  • darkened
  • dashing
  • daughterly
  • daunting
  • dawdling
  • daily
  • dazed
  • dazzling

Starting with “de”

  • dead
  • deadly
  • deadpan
  • deaf
  • deafening
  • dear
  • debatable
  • debonair
  • decadent
  • decayed
  • decaying
  • deceitful
  • deceivable
  • deceiving
  • decent
  • decentralized
  • deceptive
  • decimated
  • decisive
  • declining
  • decorative
  • decorous
  • decreasing
  • decrepit
  • dedicated
  • deep
  • deepening
  • deeply
  • defamatory
  • defeated
  • defective
  • defendable
  • defenseless
  • defensible
  • defensive
  • defiant
  • deficient
  • definable
  • definitive
  • deformed
  • degenerative
  • degraded
  • dehydrated
  • dejected
  • delectable
  • deliberate
  • deliberative
  • delicate
  • delicious
  • delighted
  • delightful
  • delinquent
  • delirious
  • deliverable
  • deluded
  • demanding
  • demented
  • democratic
  • demonic
  • demonstrative
  • demure
  • deniable
  • dense
  • dependable
  • dependent
  • deplorable
  • deploring
  • depraved
  • depressed
  • depressing
  • depressive
  • deprived
  • deranged
  • derivative
  • derogative
  • derogatory
  • descriptive
  • deserted
  • designer
  • desirable
  • desirous
  • desolate
  • despairing
  • desperate
  • despicable
  • despised
  • despondent
  • destroyed
  • destructive
  • detachable
  • detached
  • detailed
  • detectable
  • determined
  • detestable
  • detrimental
  • devastated
  • devastating
  • devious
  • devoted
  • devout
  • dexterous

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Starting with “di”

  • diabolical
  • diagonal
  • didactic
  • different
  • difficult
  • diffuse
  • digestive
  • digital
  • dignified
  • digressive
  • dilapidated
  • dilatory
  • diligent
  • dim
  • diminishing
  • diminutive
  • dingy
  • diplomatic
  • dire
  • direct
  • direful
  • dirty
  • disabled
  • disadvantaged
  • disadvantageous
  • disaffected
  • disagreeable
  • disappearing
  • disappointed
  • disappointing
  • disapproving
  • disarming
  • disastrous
  • discarded
  • discernable
  • disciplined
  • disconnected
  • discontented
  • discordant
  • discouraged
  • discouraging
  • discourteous
  • discredited
  • discreet
  • discriminating
  • discriminatory
  • discussable
  • disdainful
  • diseased
  • disenchanted
  • disgraceful
  • disgruntled
  • disgusted
  • disgusting
  • disheartened
  • disheartening
  • dishonest
  • dishonorable
  • disillusioned
  • disinclined
  • disingenuous
  • disinterested
  • disjointed
  • dislikeable
  • disliked
  • disloyal
  • dismal
  • dismissive
  • disobedient
  • disorderly
  • disorganized
  • disparaging
  • disparate
  • dispassionate
  • dispensable
  • displaced
  • displeased
  • displeasing
  • disposable
  • disproportionate
  • disproved
  • disputable
  • disputatious
  • disputed
  • disreputable
  • disrespectful
  • disruptive
  • dissatisfied
  • dissimilar
  • dissolvable
  • dissolving
  • dissonant
  • dissuasive
  • distant
  • distasteful
  • distinct
  • distinctive
  • distinguished
  • distracted
  • distracting
  • distraught
  • distressed
  • distressing
  • distrustful
  • disturbed
  • disturbing
  • divergent
  • diverging
  • diverse
  • diversified
  • divided
  • divine
  • divisive
  • dizzy
  • dizzying
  • doable
  • documentary
  • dogged
  • doggish
  • dogmatic
  • doleful
  • dollish
  • domed
  • domestic
  • dominant
  • domineering
  • dope
  • dorsal
  • doting
  • double
  • doubtful
  • doubting
  • dovish
  • dowdy
  • down
  • down-and-out
  • downhearted
  • downloadable
  • downtown
  • downward
  • dozing

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Starting with “dr”

  • drab
  • drained
  • dramatic
  • drastic
  • dreaded
  • dreadful
  • dreaming
  • dreamy
  • dreary
  • dress
  • dressy
  • dried
  • dripping
  • drivable
  • driven
  • droll
  • drooping
  • droopy
  • drowsy
  • drunk
  • dry

Starting with “du”

  • dual
  • dubious
  • due
  • dulcet
  • dull
  • duplicitous
  • durable
  • dusty
  • Dutch
  • dutiful

Starting with “dw”

  • dwarfish
  • dwindling
  • dynamic
  • dysfunctional

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We can’t express the feeling like being distressed, disturbed or devoted without using adjectives! English is the treasure of words for expression or describing anything at anywhere! We have given the list of all essential adjectives that start with D, to add dare to your tongue!

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Meaning & Example Sentences of Important Adjectives that Start with D

Here we have listed only important adjectives that you can frequently use in your language while having a talk or debate with anyone. These are important D adjectives that may help you to write about anyone, talk about anything, person or place etc.

It was a dangerous incident which took many innocent lives.

He took few bold and daring steps to save the life of civilians

Everything is dark and bleak here.

To weed out the criminals seems to be a daunting challenge for new Polic Officer.

I was dazed at his unusually sweet behavior

COVID is the deadly viral epidemic

His elevation to the top post is still contentious and debatable.

His behavior was dubious and deceitful.

He was captivated by the deceiving looks of young blonde.

The enemy supply lanes were decimated by our soldiers.

I would rather wait for a decisive match then leaving early.

His behavior was modest and decent.

To decrepit the text written on stones, we needed experts of this field.

He dedicated his success to his parents.

His popularity was declining day by day.

He spoke at length and now is accused of defamatory statements


The enemy troops were defeated at last.

We took the defensive approach and handled the situation peacefully.

The funds were deficient to meet up the requirements.

He is sufferings from degenerative brain disease.

After loosing his last hope he became hopeless and dejected.

He spoke in a mild and delicate tone.

The food made by our cook was very delicious as it was appreciated by our guests as well.

The mother became happy and delighted when she found her child hale and healthy.

He was deluded by vain wishes and undue hopes.

What can be said of him as he was highly demure and bashful.

What he said of me is all useless and easily deniable.

The forest was dense and thickly populated by various kind of trees.

He became heavily depressed when he learnt about the health of his mother.

The poor are depraved and dejected in our society

It is a deplorable fact that he misused charity fund for his own purposes.

The citizen can not be deprived from their basic rights.

He made derogatory remarks about one of the most respected scholar of our university.

What can be more desirable than the youth in old days.

He was desperate in his youth days.

The community despised him of his acts.

After the repeated failures he became emotionally week and detached.

He was strongly determined to achieve what he desired in life.

Smoking is strongly detrimental to health.

His entire career was devastated due to his single blunder.

Let’s play our role to diffuse the stress that is prevalent in our society.

The value of our currency is diminishing speedily.

He sat the disadvantageous position and could no longer secure his desired benefits.

He became dejected and disappointed when he learnt that his last hope went drown the drains.

It was a disastrous blow to his career.

In modern time the old values are being discarded by our youth.

It is a discernable fact that devouring the rights of others, he can’t stand for long.

One should be happy and not discontented over unmet aspirations.

His discreet and foresightedness prevented major incidents in his life.

He became unhappy and disgraceful over the behavior of administration.

After loosing badly he became dejected and disillusioned.

I can no longer support his early dismissal.

He became happy when he achieved his distant dream.

There are diverse and multifarious communities living in our country.

His intentions are easily doubtful .

He drained his entire energy in the pursuit of his career and achieved what he stood for.

I can no longer afford to trust upon his dubious character.

This cellphone is strong and durable.

He is the man of dynamic and versatile personality.

From the looks, this seems to be dysfunctional school.


In addition to the above solved important adjectives with meaning and example contexts we shall be continuously adding more adjectives in the list. You are welcome to come again here!


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