100+ Jubilant Adjectives that Start with J [ Adjectives List ]

How can one express for being  joyful, jubilant or jaded without the apt use of J adjectives! The letter J has many wonderful adjectives for expression. Among those innumerable list of all Adjectives that start with J, we have brought you important adjectives beginning with J, with meaning and example sentences

J Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with J

Powerful adjectives are the foundation stones for a balanced, well calculated and wonderful expression!  Read from following list with essential J adjectives that will make your expression rocket flying!. Additionally, you may read here the J adjectives to describe about a person

Starting with “Ja”

  • jabbering
  • jaded
  • jagged
  • Jainist
  • jam-packed
  • Japanese
  • jarring
  • jaundiced
  • jaunty
  • jaw-dropping
  • jazzy

Adjectives that Start with “Je”

  • jealous
  • jeering
  • jerky
  • jeweled
  • Jewish

Adjectives that Start with “Ji”

  • jiggling
  • jingoistic
  • jinxed
  • jittery

Adjectives that Start with “Jo”

  • jobless
  • jocular
  • jocund
  • joint
  • jolly
  • jovial
  • joyful
  • joyless
  • joyous

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Adjectives that Start with “Ju”

  • jubilant
  • judgmental
  • judicious
  • juice-less
  • juicy
  • jumbled
  • jumbo
  • jumpy
  • junior
  • just
  • justifiable
  • justified
  • juvenile

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The J letter has so many wonderful expression to enhance your power of talking! We have brought you here the most amazing list of all J adjectives with meaning and example sentences

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Meaning and Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with J

If you are looking with solved adjectives that start with J, with meaning and example sentences, we have brought this list of all important J adjectives explained with meaning for you. You will literally fall in love with few words, as J words refer to joy, merriment, jocund company etc.

The remarks of teacher left him jaded and depressed.

He is Jainist by belief, meaning he believes in Jainism.

The tourist destinations are Jam packed these days.

He was irked at the jarring noise of iron gate outside.

Although he was relative and friend yet he looked all his progress with jaundiced eye.

He does the jaw dropping amount of work.

Nobody should be jealous of her success, as she has really worked hard.

His ridiculous jerky behavior earned him the disgrace.

The Jewish are financially strong and wield influence in power corridor.

When this type of racism combines with foreign policy it can make for a volatile mixture of jingoistic racism

On a jittery ride we finally managed to reach at the other end of desert.

The state of a jobless person is entirely disturbing.

We were longing for such a jocund company since long.

They were preparing to launch a joint venture with strict planning and efficient management.

A jolly crowd at the airport, received the hockey stars.

A jovial old gentleman entered the room and introduced himself as the head of of a renewed company.

It was a joyful evening spent with you, my friend.

A jubilant crowed filled the streets on national victory day.

Let’s wait for the judicious analysis of whole situation.

The contractors vied to secure the juicy project.

To clean up the jumbled pile of clothes was a big mess for him.

In official rank, she is junior to me.

The moment of pride and valor has just arrived.

We were waiting for justifiable explanation of whole issue from the concerned authorities.

The juvenile behavior of some of colleagues was entirely depressing.

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I hope you would have found your favorite J words to talk about anything. These adjectives would help you talk confidently about anything that requires you the use of J adjectives. In addition to this, we shall continuously be updating this list with the addition of your favorite adjective

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