300+ Robust Adjectives that Start with R

Do you know that letter R is a very very commonly used letter with tons of words in English! You can literally say about anything by using adjectives that start with R. For this, we have given below the comprehensive list of R adjectives that deserve special applause! You can literally express your feeling, emotions or even describe any one with detailed features or anything etc!

R Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with RAdjectives that start with R

R adjectives are wonderful and sweet! Few of them are used in compliments, praise or describe about anything about almost anything! We have listed here only important R adjectives there to raise your tongue or enrich your vocab! In addition to that, I have also maintained a List of Important Describing words or positive words starting with r to describe about a person, here for you.

Adjectives Starting with “Ra”

  • Rabid
  • Racial
  • Racist
  • radiant
  • radical
  • radioactive
  • ragged
  • raging
  • rainbow-colored
  • rainy
  • rakish
  • rambling
  • rambunctious
  • rampant
  • rancid
  • rancorous
  • random
  • rank
  • rapid
  • rapid-fire
  • rapturous
  • rare
  • rascally
  • rash
  • rasping
  • raspy
  • rational
  • ratty
  • raucous
  • ravenous
  • raving
  • ravishing
  • raw
  • razor-edged

Adjectives starting with “Re”

  • reactive
  • ready
  • real
  • realistic
  • reasonable
  • reassured
  • reassuring
  • rebel
  • rebellious
  • recalcitrant
  • receding
  • recent
  • receptive
  • recessive
  • rechargeable
  • reciprocal
  • reckless
  • reclusive
  • recognizable
  • recognized
  • rectangular
  • rectifiable
  • recurrent
  • recyclable
  • red
  • red-blooded
  • reddish
  • redeemable
  • redolent
  • redundant
  • referential
  • refillable
  • reflective
  • refractive
  • refreshing
  • refundable
  • refurbished
  • refutable
  • regal
  • regional
  • regretful
  • regrettable
  • regular
  • reigning
  • relatable
  • relative
  • relaxed
  • relaxing
  • relentless
  • relevant
  • reliable
  • relieved
  • religious
  • reluctant
  • remaining
  • remarkable
  • remedial
  • reminiscent
  • remorseful
  • remorseless
  • remote
  • removable
  • renegotiable
  • renewable
  • rented
  • repairable
  • repaired
  • repeatable
  • repeated
  • repellent
  • repentant
  • repetitious
  • repetitive
  • replaceable
  • replicable
  • reported
  • reprehensible
  • representative
  • repressive
  • reproachful
  • reproductive
  • republican
  • repugnant
  • repulsive
  • reputable
  • reputed
  • rescued
  • resealable
  • resentful
  • reserved
  • resident
  • residential
  • residual
  • resilient
  • resolute
  • resolvable
  • resonant
  • resounding
  • resourceful
  • respectable
  • respectful
  • respective
  • responsible
  • responsive
  • rested
  • restful
  • restless
  • restored
  • restrained
  • restrictive
  • retired
  • retroactive
  • retrogressive
  • retrospective
  • reusable
  • revamped
  • revealing
  • revengeful
  • reverent
  • reverential
  • reverse
  • reversible
  • reviled
  • revised
  • revocable
  • revolting
  • revolutionary
  • rewarding

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Adjectives starting with “Rh”

  • rhetorical
  • rhythmic

Adjectives starting with “Ri”

  • rich
  • richer
  • richest
  • ridiculing
  • ridiculous
  • right
  • righteous
  • rightful
  • right-handed
  • rigid
  • rigorous
  • ringing
  • riotous
  • ripe
  • rippling
  • risky
  • ritualistic
  • ritzy
  • riveting

Adjectives starting with “Ro”

  • roaring
  • roasted
  • robotic
  • robust
  • rocketing
  • roguish
  • romantic
  • roomy
  • rosy
  • rotating
  • rotten
  • rotting
  • rotund
  • rough
  • round
  • rousing
  • routine
  • rowdy
  • royal

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Adjectives starting with “Ru”

  • ruddy
  • rude
  • rudimentary
  • rueful
  • rugged
  • ruined
  • ruinous
  • rumbling
  • ruminative
  • rumpled
  • ruptured
  • rural
  • Russian
  • rusted
  • rustic
  • rustling
  • rusty
  • ruthless
  • rutted

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We are pretty sure that you have found your favorite adjectives starting with R. Yes, there are tons of wonderful R adjectives on the board as; robust, rich and relaxing! These only important collection of R adjectives would be quite fit and fine for you to describe anything anywhere and anytime!

Meaning and Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with R

There are tons of good words in Letter R. Among those, there are very sweet R adjectives that we frequently use in our talk. The words like rapid, recognized, reasonable, repeated, etc. are all the part of Adjectives that start with R.

Our List of R adjectives contain very useful describing words that you may easily use in your language. All words are explained with meaning and detailed example sentences to make it more easy for you to understand the logic and context of that sentence.

We struggled for the radical changes in organization.

In society where corruption is rampant, progress is a distant dream.

The modern society faces the rapid challenges of sustaining social pressures.

His meetings are rare and unexpected.

A man of rational thought would hardly agree to his views.

he fell for the ravishing blonde outside University campus.

One should be realistic and not to stay in fantasy world.

The prices of living commodities are reasonable and affordable.

The Principal reassured students of full cooperation of university during all situations.

The tide of COVID cases is receding thanks to mass vaccination.

The relations of both countries are reciprocal and are based on mutual understanding.

We disagreed him upon his reckless spending in useless pursuits.

He was a well recognized and most respected personality in whole college.

We tried to clear the data by sifting the redundant data.

The charges you paid are however refundable.

Since we couldn’t afford to buy a brand new laptop so we preferred a refurbished one.

After finishing the project he looked happy and relaxed.

His relentless struggles are worth appreciating.

We are looking for only relevant things to incorporate in our project.

He’s no more a reliable person as we have have been in touch with him for long.

He felt happy and relived when he got the news of his promotion.

He was reluctant in accepting the job offer, as the terms and conditions were somehow strict.

The wrapper was removable and could easily be manipulated.

After repeated attempts he managed to crack the competitive exam.

His repetitive tone was making all student sick of attending his class.

Cheating is reprehensible for a wife as for a husband.

He was the man of a reserved nature.

The resident of this villages are highly literate and active in city’s politics.

He was the man as resilient as seasoned hickory.

They stood with the resolute determination and firm conviction.

The repeated defeats have made him flustered and restless.

After heavy struggles peace was restored in the region.

The free of child was restrained by parents due the rising crime in the city.

He lives a peaceful and retired life.

Recycling have enabled man to bring the litter to reusable form.

The order passed by the authorities is revocable.

His ridiculous remarks over her struggles made us angry.

Only the righteous and steadfast men would enjoy peace of mind.

The strict application of rules and discipline have made him a man of very rigid nature.

They went through the righteous study and discipline in the final year.

A society where corruption is rampant and lawlessness is ripe, could never prosper.

We expected the robust recovery of business after the COVID was over.

He appeared rough and unprepared as he was the short of time.

The rudimentary plans fall flat.

Very rueful pictures were painted on the wall.

His entire career may get ruined due to her single mistake

Let your character not get rusted

We felt the rustic awkwardness in his behavior

The enemies suffered the ruthless defeat in their plans to occupy the city.

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Down here! Yes I am perfectly sure that you would have definitely found your favorite R adjectives to add up your speaking. In addition to these words, we would continue to add more and more words in our list for your help.

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