Adjectives for islands

Adjectives for Island | Words to Describe about Island.

I’m stuck on a island, and all I have is the clothes on my back. What words can give me an idea of how it looks like? Let’s have a look over the following very important adjectives words that are quite helpful to describe about the Islands

Adjectives for Islands with Meaning

1.  Beautiful: lush, green, blue, turquoise, white sand, brown sand

2.  Isolated: private, quiet, secluded

3.  Lonely: empty, vacant

4.  Small: micro, diminutive, minute, puny

5.  Large: vast, expansive

6.  Rustic: country, backwoods, quaint, rural, simple

7.  Modern: sleek, contemporary

8.  Inhabited: crowded, lively

9.  Remote: far, distant

10.  Traditional: old-fashioned, behind the times

11.  Island culture: exotic, foreign

12.  Island landscape: lush, green, wooded

13.  Hot: temperate, tropical, humid

14.  Cold: tundra, arctic

15.  Dry: semi-arid, desert

16.  Humid: wet, damp

17.  Hilly: hilly, mountainous

18.  Rocky: rocky, craggy

19.  Grasslands: grassy, prairie

20.  Wooded: woodsy, forested

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21.  Sand dunes: sandy, arid

22.  Deserted: abandoned, uninhabited

23.  Ruins: dilapidated, crumbling

24.  Commercialized: polluted

25.  Untouched: unspoiled, pristine

26.  Quaint: charming, rustic

27.  Natural resources: abundant

28.  Notable people: famous, notable

29.  Welcoming inhabitants: friendly

30.  Large population: populous, crowded, congested

31.  Small population: sparse, limited

32.  Isolationist culture: xenophobic

33.  Nuclear accidents: contaminated

34.  Pest control: infested, overrun

35.  Epidemic: infectious, rampant

36.  Inhabitants in distress: troubled, afflicted, ailing

37.  Tourism in decline: declining

38.  Tourist traps: egregious, tacky, kitschy

39.  Natural disasters: vulnerable, fragile

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In order to generate a mental image of the island, there are many adjectives that can be used. If you want to describe how it looks like, you can use adjectives such as beautiful, isolated, lonely, small, large, rustic, modern, populated. If you want to describe how it feels like or how the people behave, you can use adjectives such as lonely, quiet, old-fashioned, exotic.


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