Adjectives for Performance

Adjectives for Performance-Words to describe Performance

Adjectives for performance:  Following are the adjectives for performance each with meaning and example sentence:

1. Outstanding- When someone does something extremely well, they are said to have done an outstanding job.

2. Exemplary- An exemplary performance is one that serves as a model or example to be followed.

3. Meritorious- A meritorious performance is one deserving of praise or admiration.

4. Commendable- A commendable performance is one worthy of praise.

5. Appreciated- When someone does something that is greatly valued, their performance is appreciated.

6. Respected- A respected performance is one that is held in high esteem by others.

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7. Revered- A revered performance is one that is held in great respect or admiration.

8. Admired- When someone does something that is greatly admired, their performance is considered admirable.

9. Praiseworthy- A praiseworthy performance is one deserving of high praise.

10. Laudable- A laudable performance is one that deserves to be praised.

Tips how to use describing words for performance:

When describing someone’s performance, it is important to be specific and use language that is appropriate for the audience. For example, if you are writing a letter of recommendation, using words like “outstanding” or “exemplary” would be more appropriate than if you were simply giving feedback to the person. It is also important to be sincere in your praise and avoid using clichés.

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Therefore, while using adjectives for performance, make sure they are genuine and add value to the quality of the performance being described.

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