100+ Valuable Adjectives that Start with V

V is the Letter with so many beautiful words in line! Isn’t it? Take examples of Valiant, valuable, vast, varying etc.! These all are adjectives that start with Y! In fact there are plenty of Y adjectives that are very common in use. The V adjectives are helpful to talk about anything like; vacuous, vagrant, valuable! While preparing for this list we have come across dozen of Y adjectives that you have little heard of, but we have taken this pain and made list of only important Y adjectives that are really helpful for you while you need to talk at office, home or with family and friends. Additionally, for your ease, we have made a list of all describing words or positive words starting with letter V

V Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with Letter V

Here is the most comprehensive list of only essential V adjectives. It would be quite helpful for you to prepare for an assignment, exam, speech or just for learning adjectives. Adjectives that Start with V

Adjectives Starting with “Va”

  • vacant
  • vacuous
  • vagabond
  • vagrant
  • vague
  • vain
  • valiant
  • valid
  • valorous
  • valuable
  • vapid
  • vaporous
  • variable
  • varied
  • various
  • varying
  • vast

Adjectives Starting with “Ve”

  • vegetable
  • vegetarian
  • vegetative
  • vehement
  • velvety
  • venal
  • venerable
  • vengeful
  • venomous
  • venturesome
  • veracious
  • verbal
  • verbose
  • verdant
  • verifiable
  • veritable
  • vernacular
  • versatile
  • versed
  • vertical
  • very
  • vexed
  • vexing

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Adjectives Starting with “Vi”

  • viable
  • vibrant
  • vicarious
  • vicious
  • victorious
  • vigilant
  • vigorous
  • vile
  • villainous
  • vindictive
  • vinegary
  • violent
  • violet
  • viral
  • virtual
  • virtuous
  • virulent
  • visceral
  • viscous
  • visible
  • visionary
  • visual
  • vital
  • vitriolic
  • vivacious
  • vivid

Adjectives Starting with “Vo”

  • vocal
  • vocational
  • voiceless
  • volatile
  • volcanic
  • voluminous
  • voluntary
  • voluptuous
  • voracious
  • vulgar
  • vulnerable

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Well, you would have definitely found many useful adjectives that start with the letter V. These v words that we have placed in line, are really helpful while you are on way of learning adjectives

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Meaning & Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with V

Very often, during the course of our heated conversation you needed to get the help of very powerful, strong and positive words to assist your argument. Adjectives, in that way, come to your rescue! Sensing the importance of every describing word, we have listed here all important V adjectives with meaning and example sentences of adjectives that start with v, to make the sense more clear.

They applied against the vacant positions in company.

A vacuous mind can never comprehend the deep message intended in the post.

We were reading the story of a vagabond hippy community

These days he can be named as vagrant hippy in the whole city.

The text written was vague and incomprehensible.

They made vain efforts to save the drowning dog.

The valiant soldiers put up the stiff resistance.

The only valid reason he gave of his absence was the illness of his mother

His valuable contributions to the cause of community were duly recognized

The product he sent to us varied in size and shape to the original product that we were looking for

TherE are various issues that need the urgent fixing.

A vast number of students was ready to take part in national quiz competition.

She told that she was vegetarian

He was noble, saintly and veracious personality.

The verbal instructions were repeatedly given to them during the training.

Her verbose description of beauty was just thrilling!

The vernacular literature was loaded with folktales and wisdom

He was the man of versatile character.

He needs to well versed in art and literature.

Let’s work out to find a viable solution to fix this issue.

The modern communities are most active and vibrant

The vicious cycle of debt trap has destroyed many third world countries.

She appeared victorious in her final exam and managed to get the top rank.

We were asked to remain vigilant against the movement of other party.

The king led the vigorous attack against the enemies

We held a virtual meeting, as COVID has nearly made it impossible to have physical meetings.

Contrary to our expectations he was virtuous, kind and creative.

There is a visible difference between both the product.

He was the man of visionary insight and powerful character.

The vitriolic critique of books gave the fruitful insights regarding the work of author.

We truly enjoyed the vivacious dance presented to us while our journey to Tibet.

Nobody is typically voiceless in the age of social media and freedom of expression.

Crypto is the modern currency that’s highly volatile and unpredictable.

We journeyed through the voluminous road up the mountains.

They gave their voluntary assent for participation in the project.

She was the voracious reader as she finishes a dozen books by the end of every month.

The vulgar and indecent behavior is strictly forbidden in the University premises.

The little child is vulnerable to a certain viral diseases.

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Down here! You would have definitely liked our list of all essential V adjectives that you would find quite helpful in aiding up your argument. Stay in touch, we would be adding more V letter adjectives to our list.


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