300+ Magical Adjectives that Start with M

Adjectives are the real tongue magic! When properly used, the adjectives may add more expression and wisdom to your tongue! There a dozen of adjectives starting with M, but we have got you covered here only important Adjectives that begin with M, with proper order and structure!

M Adjectives | List of Adjectives that Start with Letter M

adjectives that start with M

The letter M has really good and powerful adjectives on the go! You may literally add more tongue expression when you use precisely these adjectives on your side. Additionally, you may also read here list of positive words starting with letter m

Starting with “Ma”

  • macabre
  • Machiavellian
  • macho
  • mad
  • maddening
  • magenta
  • magic
  • magical
  • magnanimous
  • magnetic
  • magnificent
  • maiden
  • main
  • maintainable
  • majestic
  • major
  • make-believe
  • makeshift
  • maladjusted
  • male
  • malevolent
  • malicious
  • malignant
  • malleable
  • mammoth
  • mammoth-sized
  • manageable
  • managerial
  • mandatory
  • maneuverable
  • mangy
  • maniacal
  • manic
  • manicured
  • manipulative
  • man-made
  • mannered
  • manual
  • many
  • marbled
  • marginal
  • marked
  • marketable
  • married
  • marvelous
  • masked
  • massive
  • master
  • masterful
  • matchless
  • material
  • materialistic
  • maternal
  • mathematical
  • matronly
  • matted
  • mature
  • maximum

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Adjectives starting with “Me”

  • meager
  • mean
  • meandering
  • meaningful
  • meaningless
  • mean-spirited
  • measly
  • measurable
  • meat-eating
  • meaty
  • mechanical
  • medical
  • medicinal
  • meditative
  • medium
  • medium-rare
  • meek
  • melancholy
  • mellow
  • melodic
  • melodious
  • melodramatic
  • melted
  • memorable
  • menacing
  • menial
  • mental
  • merciful
  • merciless
  • mercurial
  • mere
  • merry
  • messy
  • metabolic
  • metallic
  • metaphoric
  • meteoric
  • meticulous
  • Mexican

Adjectives starting with “Mi”

  • microscopic
  • microwaveable
  • middle
  • middle-class
  • midweek
  • mighty
  • mild
  • militant
  • militaristic
  • military
  • milky
  • mincing
  • mind-bending
  • mindful
  • mindless
  • mini
  • miniature
  • minimal
  • minimum
  • minor
  • minute
  • miraculous
  • mirthful
  • miscellaneous
  • mischievous
  • miscreant
  • miserable
  • miserly
  • misguided
  • misleading
  • mistaken
  • mistrustful
  • mistrusting
  • misty
  • mixed
  • mnemonic

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Adjectives starting with “Mo”

  • moaning
  • mobile
  • mocking
  • moderate
  • modern
  • modest
  • modified
  • modular
  • moist
  • moldy
  • momentary
  • momentous
  • monetary
  • money-grubbing
  • monopolistic
  • monosyllabic
  • monotone
  • monotonous
  • monstrous
  • monumental
  • moody
  • moral
  • moralistic
  • morbid
  • mordant
  • more
  • moronic
  • morose
  • mortal
  • mortified
  • most
  • motherly
  • motionless
  • motivated
  • motivating
  • motivational
  • motor
  • mountainous
  • mournful
  • mouthwatering
  • movable
  • moving

Adjectives starting with “Mu”

  • much
  • muddled
  • muddy
  • muffled
  • muggy
  • multicultural
  • multifaceted
  • multipurpose
  • multi talented
  • mumbled
  • mundane
  • municipal
  • munificent
  • murky
  • muscular
  • mushy
  • musical
  • musky
  • Muslim
  • musty
  • mutative
  • mute
  • muted
  • mutinous
  • muttering
  • mutual

Adjectives starting with “My”

  • myopic
  • mysterious
  • mystic
  • mystical
  • mystified
  • mystifying
  • mythical

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The letter M has really good strength of adjectives on the go! The words like; motivational, momentous, magical or melodious etc are really powerful words of expression that all begin with M. In addition to above given list we shall continue to add more m words on the list! Stay connected!

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Meaning & Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with M

When you explain any adjective with meaning and write an example sentence of it, you are making clear the concept and context of that word. On same pattern we have given here all important M adjectives with meaning and solved sentences. You can use these M adjectives in your words, dialogues, discourse or even to describe a person or place.

Contrary to the expectations of enemies, King was quite magnanimous to his arch rivals.

It was the magnificent disposition of his character that he forgave his his enemies.

We must praise her majestic performance in movie.

We thoroughly enjoyed the marvelous trip to the Northern Areas.

We shouldn’t run amuck after the mundane materialistic wishes of world.

The servant was dissatisfied over the meager salary paid by his Master.

His joy was vivid and measurable.

He sang with such a melodious song that everybody stood in his praise.

I can’t forget such a memorable trip to those ancient place.

The king was said to be quite merciless and wicked heart.

On one merry evening he showed up at his friend’s house.

We witnessed her meteoric rise to the heights of glory in her career.

His meticulous research in the field of archeology was highly praised by the great scholars of his time.

Who else is mighty and powerful than God.

One should be mindful of what one speaks in the company of great friends.

How come he showed such a mindless approach in handling this very simple problem.

Her miraculous beauty made him to fall for her.

A miscreant and high headed man earns nothing but disrespect in society.

The miserable look of beggar made him more nervous and stressed.

I might be mistaken as I drove your car instead of mine.

He was moaning with pain and grief at the sudden demise of his wife.

He was the man of man of moderate views regarding religious beliefs.

Sitting with her in a snowy evening was a momentary experience.

I would love to have a momentous journey with you.

The kind of job that she does, is in fact monotonous in nature.

Her monstrous and evil design made the little children of died lady suffer.

The economic progress of country was morbid and lacking conformity.

She showed a morose and unsociable manner.

We should shun the material ills of this mortal world.

He was strongly motivated with the dreams of achieving success and progress in life.

She stared with the mournful eyes.

America is the multicultural country.

The problems are complex and multifaceted.

He father gave him a half-dollar and his mother a quarter and he thought them munificent

I was scared with the mysterious weather and howling of dogs outside.


I hope this list of Majestic and wonderful M adjectives would have helped you make clear, filled with confidence and clarity to speak vividly in meetings, seminars, with friends or in family. Stay connected we would be updating this list of adjectives beginning with M for you.


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