200+ Well Researched Adjectives that Start with W

You would hardly disagree if I say that you can’t go on without using words like wonderful, well mannered, witty etc! Yes! these all w letters are the adjectives that start with W. As you know the letter W has huge words repository. And out of those tons of w words we have managed to collect a well researched List of Adjectives that begin with Letter W. We have taken only those words that can help you in your speech, presentation, talk or argument while you talk about something, describe a figure or give specification of something like size, shape etc.

W Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with Letter W Adjectives that Start with W

Here below we have list only well mannered adjectives that are useful for you in your daily talk. Additionally, we suggest you read here over list of describing words that start with W, to talk about anything etc

Adjectives Starting with “Wa”

  • wacky
  • wailing
  • waiting
  • wakeful
  • wandering
  • wanting
  • wanton
  • warlike
  • warm
  • warm-blooded
  • warmest
  • warning
  • warring
  • wary
  • waspish
  • waspy
  • waste
  • wasted
  • wasteful
  • watchful
  • waterlogged
  • waterproof
  • watertight
  • watery
  • wavering
  • wax
  • waxen

Adjectives Starting with “We”

  • weak
  • weakened
  • weak-willed
  • wealthy
  • wearisome
  • weary
  • wee
  • weedy
  • week-long
  • weekly
  • weightless
  • weighty
  • weird
  • welcoming
  • well
  • well-adjusted
  • well-argued
  • well-aware
  • well-balanced
  • well-behaved
  • well-built
  • well-conceived
  • well-considered
  • well-crafted
  • well-deserved
  • well-developed
  • well-documented
  • well-done
  • well-dressed
  • well-educated
  • well-endowed
  • well-equipped
  • well-established
  • well-founded
  • well-groomed
  • well-heeled
  • well-honed
  • well-informed
  • well-intentioned
  • well-kempt
  • well-known
  • well-liked
  • well-lit
  • well-made
  • well-maintained
  • well-mannered
  • well-meaning
  • well-off
  • well-placed
  • well-planned
  • well-prepared
  • well-qualified
  • well-read
  • well-received
  • well-rounded
  • well-spoken
  • well-suited
  • well-thought-of
  • well-thought-out
  • well-to-do
  • well-traveled
  • well-used
  • well-versed
  • well-worn
  • well-written
  • west
  • western
  • wet

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Adjectives Starting with “Wh”

  • wheezing
  • whimpering
  • whimsical
  • whining
  • whispering
  • whistling
  • white
  • whole
  • wholehearted
  • wholesale
  • wholesome
  • whooping
  • whopping

Adjectives Starting with “Wi”

  • wicked
  • wide
  • wide-eyed
  • wide-ranging
  • widespread
  • wiggly
  • wild
  • willful
  • willing
  • wily
  • windy
  • winning
  • winsome
  • winter
  • wintery
  • wiry
  • wise
  • wishful
  • wispy
  • wistful
  • withering
  • witless
  • witty
  • wizardly

Adjectives Starting with “Wo”

  • wobbly
  • woeful
  • wolfish
  • wonderful
  • wondrous
  • wonted
  • woolen
  • woozy
  • wordless
  • wordy
  • work
  • workable
  • working
  • work-oriented
  • worldly
  • worn
  • worn-down
  • worn-out
  • worried
  • worrisome
  • worrying
  • worse
  • worshipful
  • worst
  • worth
  • worthless
  • worthwhile
  • worthy
  • wounding

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Adjectives Starting with “Wr”

  • wrathful
  • wriggling
  • wriggly
  • wrinkled
  • wrinkly
  • wrong
  • wrongful
  • wry

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We hope that you have definitely found many useful w adjectives from the list above. As we often say that the W adjectives are so witty, well thought, well mannered and well placed that they are almost irreplaceable with any other word! Enjoy reading W adjectives

Meaning and Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with W

Adjectives are really powerful, well structured and well balanced words in English language. While reading the books from my library, I found and realized how expressive adjectives are! I started then collecting the list of all well noticeable ones like adjectives that started with letter W.

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In order to make it more clear for you, like the context of each adjectives, I have explained each adjective with meaning and example sentence that I have given. I hope you would like

We passed by the wailing mourners.

He was wandering aimlessly while he witnessed the incident on main road.

The military commander showed wanton disregard towards the animals being killed in the fight.

The warring tribes were at last brought to peace.

This could have weakened the military fight of enemy state.

We should avoid asking weird questions in the crowd.

We are advised by the doctor to have a well balanced life style.

He was expected as to appear well behaved and kind mannered in front of school administration.

The achievements she got is truly right and well deserved.

Before the occupation, that country used to be well developed and far advanced.

They looked for well documented proofs to handle the critical situation.

Before entering into the war zone, the military should be well equipped.

The writ of state is well established in bordering areas.

He was a well mannered and decent fellow.

She was well versed in history in addition to the Geography.

We expected a wonderful treatment to be accorded by him.

She felt tired and worn out after the final exams.

Nobody was worried about the safety of kids save the mother of child.

The concerns she raised are truly worrisome and worth solving.

Worth some:
This used to a viable and worth some strategy one can adopt to handle the issue.

His efforts are worthwhile and quite handy.

The worthy CEO of our Company visited our sub office and showed great pleasure over our efforts.

I can prove his assertions wrong provided you give me the opportunity.

He talked with a wry Scottish wit!


Here you go! I hope you would have truly liked my collection of adjectives beginning with the letter W. These w adjectives are truly helpful for building up the expression. My list of only important W adjectives with meaning and example sentence would definitely help you out.



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