150+ Tactful Adjectives that Start with T

If ever you have felt thrilled, terrified or tremor, you have just experienced the adjectives! There are adjectives that start with letter T to express any  feeling, position, state or size about anything! There are tons of T adjectives that help you speak positively and confidently while you are delivering a lecture, a speech or when you are randomly talking about anything at your home, office, or at public place!

T Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with Letter T

Yes! The letter T has so many tactful, tireless and thundering words that you call adjectives. Here we have typically picked those important adjectives that begin with T, so that you may get what is essential only. Additionally, I have also Listed Important T adjectives that describe a person, place or thing Adjectives that start with T

Adjectives Starting with “Ta”

  • taboo
  • tacit
  • taciturn
  • tacky
  • tactful
  • tactical
  • tactless
  • tactual
  • tainted
  • take-charge
  • talented
  • talkative
  • tall
  • tame
  • tan
  • tangential
  • tangible
  • tangled
  • tangy
  • tanned
  • tantalizing
  • tapered
  • tardy
  • targeted
  • tarnished
  • tart
  • tasteful
  • tasteless
  • tasty
  • tattered
  • taunting
  • taut
  • taxing

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Adjectives Starting with “Te”

  • teachable
  • tearful
  • tearing
  • teasing
  • technical
  • technological
  • tectonic
  • tedious
  • teenage
  • teensy
  • teeny
  • teeny-tiny
  • telegraphic
  • telekinetic
  • telepathic
  • telephonic
  • telescopic
  • telling
  • temperamental
  • temperate
  • tempestuous
  • temporary
  • tempted
  • tempting
  • ten
  • tenable
  • tenacious
  • tender
  • tenderhearted
  • ten-minute
  • tense
  • tentative
  • tenth
  • tenuous
  • tepid
  • terminal
  • terrestrial
  • terrible
  • terrific
  • terrified
  • terrifying
  • territorial
  • terse
  • tested
  • testy
  • tetchy
  • textual
  • textural

Adjectives Starting with “Th”

  • thankful
  • thankless
  • theatrical
  • thematic
  • theological
  • theoretical
  • therapeutic
  • thermal
  • these
  • thick
  • thievish
  • thin
  • thinkable
  • third
  • thirsty
  • this
  • thorny
  • thorough
  • those
  • thoughtful
  • thoughtless
  • thrashed
  • threatened
  • threatening
  • three
  • thriftless
  • thrifty
  • thrilled
  • thrilling
  • throbbing
  • thumping
  • thundering
  • thunderous

Adjectives Starting with “Ti”

  • ticking
  • tickling
  • ticklish
  • tidal
  • tidy
  • tight
  • tightfisted
  • timeless
  • timely
  • timid
  • timorous
  • tiny
  • tipsy
  • tired
  • tireless
  • tiresome
  • tiring

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Adjectives Starting with “To”

  • tolerable
  • tolerant
  • tonal
  • tone-deaf
  • toneless
  • toothsome
  • toothy
  • top
  • topical
  • topographical
  • tormented
  • torpid
  • torrential
  • torrid
  • torturous
  • total
  • touched
  • touching
  • touchy
  • tough
  • towering
  • toxic

Adjectives Starting with “Tr”

  • traditional
  • tragic
  • trainable
  • trained
  • training
  • traitorous
  • tranquil
  • transcendent
  • transcendental
  • transformational
  • transformative
  • transformed
  • transient
  • transitional
  • transitory
  • translucent
  • transparent
  • transplanted
  • trapped
  • trashed
  • trashy
  • traumatic
  • treacherous
  • treasonable
  • treasonous
  • treasured
  • treatable
  • tremendous
  • tremulous
  • trenchant
  • trendy
  • triangular
  • tribal
  • trick
  • tricky
  • trim
  • tripping
  • trite
  • triumphant
  • trivial
  • tropical
  • troubled
  • troublesome
  • troubling
  • truculent
  • trusted
  • trustful
  • trusting
  • trustworthy
  • trusty
  • truthful
  • trying

Adjectives Starting with “Tu”

  • tumultuous
  • tuneful
  • tuneless
  • turbulent

Adjectives Starting with “Tw”

  • twinkling
  • twinkly
  • twisted
  • twitchy
  • twitter-pated
  • two

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Adjectives Starting with “Ty”

  • typical
  • tyrannical
  • tyrannous
  • tactile


There are dozens of T adjectives that you have just found here. There are literally may T words that we commonly use like; tasty, tender, tacit, true etc. These all adjectives starting with T are essentially important. We will try our best to keep this list updated for you by adding more and more T words in our content! Happy reading adjectives!

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Meaning and Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with T

While reading a few novels of famous writers, I felt quite amazed at their way of expressing same thing in multiple ways. I realized how tactfully the writers use positive words in their write up while describing about a person, thing, describing negative or positive features of things talked about! Amazing isn’t it? At minute look I found few very amazing Adjectives that all started with T. Upon further exploration I found many wonderful T adjectives that we can typically use in our language while talking about anything!

That’s it, I instantly started prepared list of adjectives that started with the Letter T. Additionally, I have also explained important T words with meaning and example sentences so that you could easily understand the context of words listed.

For this bold action he has the tacit approval of higher ups.

He was tactful enough not to shatter her illusion

Only a single tactical error messed up the conclusion of whole project.

She is well deserved and talented person to lead the project.

He was quite a talkative and witty person.

Nothing tangible could be found from the final investigation, against the accused.

The tantalizing aroma of being in her arms all the time captivated my vision.

Her plans foiled and dreams shattered that left his reputation spoiled and tarnished.

The post earthquake images showed the area entirely tattered and decimated.

The world is getting on increasingly technological.

He was temperate in eating habits.

His offer was somehow tempting

The tentative schedule of exam came out yesterday.

His tenuous argument could not satisfy the administration.

They were warned against committing such a terrible mistake.

His brief and terse reply proved effective.

We didn’t expect him to be such a thankless fellow!


It is thinkable that my men might become rational and literate.

Such a miser and tightfisted fellow he is that nobody likes him any way.

I am tired of his lame excuses.

The journey was though interesting but was tiresome at the same time.

He was exploited because of his kind and tolerant behavior.

They were from highly trained and brave military unit

They were trapped in her nefarious designs.

She performed a tremendous role in the final play.

He appeared joyful and triumphant last night.

We should ignore these trivial mistakes.

Am i not honest or trustworthy fellow of yours?

The tumultuous years of King’s administration left him with no time for public reforms

The tyrannical rule must end now.


Here you go! I am well assured that you would have truly enjoyed and found out few very rare T adjectives that you could easily use to beautify your language! In addition to these words, we shall be continuously adding more T adjectives for you


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