17 Important Adjectives that Start with X [ Adjectives List ]

Do you know that there are only few X words that we use in daily life! More amazing is that out of those few that are adjectives that start with Letter X. These X adjectives are quite useful & more importantly rare. These adjectives starting with letter X, few of them you might be reading for the first time, have been listed here for you. Adjectives that Start with x

X Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with Letter X

  • xanthoriatic
  • xany
  • xaroncharoo
  • xboba
  • xenacious
  • xenial
  • xenodochial
  • xenophobic
  • xeric
  • xerophilous
  • xerothermic
  • xilinous
  • xonked
  • xrayic
  • xyloid
  • xylotomous


Yes! We accept that this list of X adjectives is short yet your would have definitely few important yet unheard here so far adjectives from the list above. To our surprise even our team has also found few really exciting x adjectives like xeric, xenophobic etc. We would be listing these adjectives with detailed explanation and examples of each adjectives with sentences soon.

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