Adjectives that Start with P [ Adjectives List ]

Adjectives are important way of expression! It would have been really impossible to build up your expression without the kind use of these expressive words

P Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with Letter P

adjectives that start with P

There are really some good adjectives that starting with letter P like, powerful, painless, peaceful etc! Here we have listed some really important P adjectives that are helpful to better up your expression! Furthermore, you may also read here all important P Positive words to describe a person

Starting with “pa”

  • padded
  • painful
  • painless
  • painstaking
  • palatable
  • palatial
  • pale
  • pallid
  • palpable
  • paltry
  • pampered
  • panicky
  • panoramic
  • paradoxical
  • parallel
  • paranormal
  • parasitic
  • parched
  • pardonable
  • parental
  • parenthetic
  • parking
  • parsimonious
  • partial
  • particular
  • partisan
  • part-time
  • party
  • passing
  • passionate
  • passive
  • past
  • pastoral
  • patchy
  • paternal
  • paternalistic
  • pathetic
  • pathological
  • patient
  • patriotic
  • patronizing
  • patterned
  • payable

Starting with “pe”

  • peaceable
  • peaceful
  • peculiar
  • pedantic
  • pedestrian
  • peerless
  • peeved
  • peevish
  • pendulous
  • penetrable
  • penetrating
  • pensive
  • peppery
  • perceivable
  • perceptible
  • perceptive
  • perceptual
  • peremptory
  • perennial
  • perfect
  • perfumed
  • perilous
  • period
  • periodic
  • peripheral
  • perishable
  • perky
  • permanent
  • permeable
  • permissible
  • permissive
  • pernicious
  • perpendicular
  • perpetual
  • perplexed
  • perplexing
  • persevering
  • persistent
  • personable
  • personal
  • persuasive
  • pert
  • pertinent
  • perturbed
  • perturbing
  • pervasive
  • perverse
  • pessimistic
  • petite
  • pettish
  • petty
  • petulant

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Starting with “ph”

  • pharmaceutical
  • phenomenal
  • philanthropic
  • philosophical
  • phobic
  • phonemic
  • phonetic
  • photographic
  • physical
  • physiological

Starting with “pi”

  • picturesque
  • piercing
  • pigheaded
  • pink
  • pious
  • piquant
  • pitch-dark
  • piteous
  • pithy
  • pitiful
  • pitiless
  • pivotal

Starting with “pl”

  • placid
  • plaid
  • plain
  • plaintive
  • planned
  • plastic
  • platitudinous
  • platonic
  • plausible
  • playful
  • pleading
  • pleasant
  • pleased
  • pleasing
  • pleasurable
  • plentiful
  • pliable
  • plodding
  • plucky
  • plump
  • pluralistic
  • plus
  • plush
  • pneumatic

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Starting with “po”

  • poetic
  • poignant
  • pointless
  • poised
  • poisonous
  • polished
  • polite
  • political
  • polka-dotted
  • polluted
  • polyunsaturated
  • pompous
  • ponderous
  • poor
  • poorer
  • poorest
  • poor-mannered
  • popping
  • popular
  • populous
  • porous
  • portable
  • portly
  • Portuguese
  • positive
  • possessive
  • possible
  • post-hoc
  • posthumous
  • postoperative
  • potable
  • potent
  • potential
  • powdery
  • powerful
  • powerless

Starting with “pr”

  • practical
  • pragmatic
  • praiseworthy
  • precarious
  • precious
  • precipitous
  • precise
  • precocious
  • preconceived
  • predicative
  • predictable
  • predisposed
  • predominant
  • preeminent
  • preemptive
  • prefabricated
  • preferable
  • preferential
  • pregnant
  • prehistoric
  • prejudiced
  • prejudicial
  • preliminary
  • premature
  • premeditated
  • premium
  • prenatal
  • preoccupied
  • preoperative
  • preparative
  • prepared
  • preposterous
  • prescriptive
  • present
  • presentable
  • presidential
  • pressing
  • pressurized
  • prestigious
  • presumptive
  • presumptuous
  • pretend
  • pretentious
  • pretty
  • prevalent
  • preventable
  • preventative
  • preventive
  • previous
  • priceless
  • pricey
  • prickly
  • prim
  • primary
  • primitive
  • primordial
  • princely
  • principal
  • principled
  • prior
  • prissy
  • pristine
  • private
  • prize
  • prized
  • proactive
  • probabilistic
  • probable
  • problematic
  • procedural
  • prodigious
  • productive
  • profane
  • professed
  • professional
  • professorial
  • proficient
  • profitable
  • profound
  • profuse
  • programmable
  • progressive
  • prohibitive
  • prolific
  • prominent
  • promised
  • promising
  • prompt
  • pronounced
  • proper
  • prophetic
  • propitious
  • proportional
  • proportionate
  • proportioned
  • prospective
  • prosperous
  • protective
  • Protestant
  • prototypical
  • proud
  • proverbial
  • provisional
  • provocative
  • provoking
  • proximal
  • proximate
  • prudent
  • prudential
  • prying

Starting with “ps”

  • psychedelic
  • psychiatric
  • psychological
  • psychosomatic
  • psychotic

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Starting with “pu”

  • public
  • puckish
  • puffy
  • pugnacious
  • pumped
  • punctual
  • pungent
  • punishable
  • punitive
  • puny
  • pure
  • purified
  • puritanical
  • purple
  • purplish
  • purported
  • purposeful
  • purposeless
  • purring
  • pushy
  • pusillanimous
  • putrid
  • puzzled
  • puzzling
  • pyrotechnic

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Adjectives help us better explain anything or any situation! These adjectives are when properly used are real tongue blasters!

Meaning and Example Sentences of Adjectives that Start with P

Well, while understanding the importance of using words into the sentences to make the context more clear, we have managed this list of all important Adjectives that start with P, with easy to understand example sentences for your ease. While reading down your would definitely many Powerful, persuasive & pure P adjectives that would help you to improve your speaking power while to are having a dialogue or discourse with anyone.

It was very painful moment while watching him die in front of his children.

The doctor was able to perform a successful and painless surgery.

With huge painstaking efforts, finally they were able to rescue the boy.

The points you raised will surely lead to a palatable solution.

The amount he offered for the project was something like paltry and insufficient to meet even the basic needs.

They pampered the guy until their mission was achieved.

They wanted to run two parallel experiments on a single subject.

The repeated famine has rendered the soil dry and parched.

The crime he committed is somehow pardonable in the ambit of law.

An strict parental control is what the needs of today’s time.

The novel described about a parsimonious king who once led the kingdom.

The partial agreement signed between both parties was an encouraging development.

One of the most particular sign of his success is the number of people supporting him are increasing.

He was the strong partisan of freedom movement.

He was passionate to the real cause of spreading education in his community.

She remained passive and stood steadfast in the face of rigorous challenges.

His way handling the customers was entirely pathetic.

To all patriotic citizens! our country needs the sacrifices.

The terms and conditions state that a half of property price is payable to previous owners before the term matures.

We want a peaceful and dignified life.

One of the striking and peculiar feature of this product is that its durable with life time warranty.

A separate lane has been constructed alongside the road for pedestrian movement.

Her beauty was entirely enticing and peerless.

His penetrating look was making the girl nervous and uneasy.

William words worth was once sitting in pensive inside a dense jungle.

In order to achieve the perennial happiness, we ought to focus upon only the essentials.

Beauty is the perfect truth.

The journey was entirely tiring and perilous.

We needed to find a permanent solution to this mess.

Grief and happiness are the part of a perpetual cycle that repeatedly visits every man on earth.

He stood flustered, perplexed and agitated.

His tone was entirely persuasive and attractive.

It was pertinent to all members to sign the mutual contract.

No body should post the pessimistic thoughts on the group.

Honesty play the pivotal role in the road towards development.

He gave a plausible explanation for his absence from the scene.

He was entirely happy and in a pleasant mood.

We were pleased while knowing his safe recovery from illness.

He was filled with the poignant grief and anxiety.

His entire debate went pointless and fruitless when the members turned back on him.

The city was populous and thriving.

We offered for the portable baby walker.

His potential for cracking the difficult problems was uniquely acknowledged.

He felt powerless and disturbed over the repeated failures in exams.

We wanted to adopt a pragmatic approach to end the energy crisis for good.

His contributions were praiseworthy and were duly acknowledged.

His business was at the precarious brink of collapse.

We wanted his precious input before we finalize the project.

He was the member of one of the preeminent organization.

One should come preoccupied while appearing for a job interview.

He was wrongfully pressurized to give undue favor to the candidates.

He hails from one of the prestigious university of our town.

The honesty is priceless.

Her pristine purity of heart was something worth envying.

I tried to stay more alert, active and productive.

He studied the history of many progressive civilizations of world.

The city was thriving and prosperous, once.

He adopted a prudent approach to handle the financial crisis of company.

Why students are held punishable for the wrongs they haven’t committed?

Few very strong and punitive measures were taken by king to halt the advances of enemy troops.

He preached for a disciplined and purposeful life.


Coming down to here, I am perfectly sure that you would have definitely found your favorite list of Powerful and purposeful adjectives above. Indeed, the positive words with p, like powerful, persuasive, pragmatic etc are very essential once we start speaking with confidence and glare


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