130+ Heavenly Adjectives that Start with H

Powerful words to mention or speak about anything are too crucial. Adjectives, being an essential element of talk, are therefore, hard to ignore when it come the talk of Powerful expression. There are few adjectives that start with h like harmonious, hearty, etc are quite essential to add spice to our daily talk

H Adjectives | Adjectives that Start with H

adjectives that start with H

H adjectives are very crucial when it come the point of speaking more fluently, with power and ease! Here we have  compiled the list of adjectives that begin with h, with explanation and example sentences to add more clarity and wisdom to our talk. Additionally, I have also listed Powerful H words to describe about a person, for you

Starting with “ha”

  • habitable
  • habitual
  • haggard
  • hairless
  • hair-raising
  • hairy
  • half
  • half-hearted
  • hallowed
  • halting
  • handsome
  • handy
  • hanging
  • haphazard
  • hapless
  • happy
  • happy-go-lucky
  • hard
  • hard-to-find
  • hardworking
  • hardy
  • harebrained
  • harmful
  • harmless
  • harmonic
  • harmonious
  • harried
  • harsh
  • hasty
  • hated
  • hateful
  • haughty
  • haunting
  • hawkish
  • hazardous
  • hazy

Starting with “he”

  • head
  • heady
  • healthy
  • heartbreaking
  • heartbroken
  • heartless
  • heartrending
  • hearty
  • heated
  • heavenly
  • heavy
  • hectic
  • hefty
  • heinous
  • helpful
  • helpless
  • her
  • heroic
  • hesitant
  • heuristic

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Starting with “hi”

  • hideous
  • high
  • highest
  • highfalutin
  • high-functioning
  • high-maintenance
  • high pitched
  • high powered
  • high-risk
  • high-spirited
  • hilarious
  • Hindu
  • his
  • hissing
  • historical

Starting with “ho”

  • hoarse
  • hoggish
  • holiday
  • holistic
  • hollow
  • home
  • homeless
  • homely
  • homeopathic
  • homey
  • homogeneous
  • honest
  • honest-to-goodness
  • honking
  • honorable
  • hopeful
  • hopeless
  • horizontal
  • hormonal
  • horned
  • horrendous
  • horrible
  • horrid
  • horrific
  • horrified
  • horrifying
  • hospitable
  • hostile
  • hot
  • hot-blooded
  • hot-headed
  • hot pink
  • hot-shot
  • hot-tempered
  • hour-long
  • house
  • howling

Starting with “hu”

  • hubristic
  • huffy
  • huge
  • huggable
  • hulking
  • human
  • humanitarian
  • human-like
  • humble
  • humdrum
  • humid
  • humiliated
  • humiliating
  • humming
  • humongous
  • humorless
  • humorous
  • hungry
  • hurried
  • hurt
  • hurtful
  • hushed
  • husky

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Starting with “hy”

  • hydraulic
  • hydrothermal
  • hygienic
  • hyper-active
  • hyperbolic
  • hypercritical
  • hyper-irritable
  • hypersensitive
  • hypertensive
  • hypnotic
  • hypnotizable
  • hypothetical
  • hysterical

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H adjectives are very a way to adding beauty to your write up! We hope our given list of all important H adjectives would definitely help you to understand and learn these important adjectives.

Meaning and Examples Sentences of Adjectives that Start with H

There are couple of fancy H adjectives that are explained here with meaning and few example sentences. These examples are given here to make your sense clear about that adjectives, how to use H adjectives words in your discussion, talk, conversation with your friends, when you needed to describe something etc.

May parts of earth shall no longer remain habitable as the global warming is becoming a harsh reality of today’s time

What cure can you suggest to cure the habitual drug addict?

The progress of this venture was regarded as haggard and sluggish.

There are few dog and cat types that are typically hairless.

The incident which took a dozen lives to death, was literally hair raising for being the first in type.

Nobody would remain shut unless you share the half of fortune with them.

He welcomed us half hearted as he was not expecting us so early.

The dreams he pursued appeared as virtual and hallowed to many.

He was hell bent on a mission of halting the advances evil forces.

He was offered a handsome remuneration there at the company.

This can be a handy solution to iron out the differences between two groups.

He tried to solve the matter in haphazard manner but that approach backfired!

He was unlucky and hapless in the face of extreme conditions.

We must remain happy and contended to whatever we are having in our lives.

He was such a happy go lucky fellow, impossible in find in your ciricle

The hard he tried, the bad he performed!

People like him are hard to find, as they are alone in thousands.


He nurtured harebrained ideas, therefore he was cast out.

It was really a harmless creature.

He preached for harmonious relationship among all nations of world.

He was so unkind and harsh that nobody liked to talk him.

No body should appreciate his approach of taking hasty decisions.

This sinister act made him a hateful figure in country’s politics.

He was the haughty and arrogant in behavior.

There are few sports like skydiving that are hazardous.

It was not the sweet and healthy approach to look him straight in the eyes.

His failure was entirely heartbreaking for his community.

He was tired of his busy and hectic routine.

Why should I appreciate him to spend a hefty amount on such useless pursuits.

He was entirely helpless in the face of ominous sway of events.

He shouldn’t be such hesitant in approving such a smooth project.

High Powered:
A high Powered delegation is expected to reach at the capitol city.

His behavior funny rather hilarious as nobody expected it.

He is dead honest and strongly committed to his profession.

We are hopeful that the danger would subside.

The scene was entirely horrifying and heart wrenching.

He shouldn’t be hostile and is requested to mend the relations with his neighbors.

A heavy humanitarian crisis is about to struck in the wake of unexpected heavy floods.

We are taught to be humble and generous.

Such a humorous and healthy talk should definitely be continued.


I don’t know whether he was hungry or he had taken anything.

He hurried and abrupt approach invited an uncalled danger.

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I am perfectly sure that you would have definitely found your favorite H adjectives that is easily explained with meaning and example sentences. This would surely help you out in maximizing your confident while you speak with freely within your company or group.


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