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Best Adjectives that Start with B [ Adjectives List ]

Do you know that there are certain adjectives brave, bold etc, without these you can’t talk about anything place or thing? Interestingly, few of these bold adjectives start with B! Take for example buttery or beauteous, these adjectives you may use while talking with your girl friend!

Interestingly! there are tons of adjectives that start with B and can be beautifully used to bolster your talk power of writing and talking

B Adjectives | Adjectives starting with Letter Badjectives that start with B

Here come! we have compiled a list of bold adjectives beginning with B to beautify and better up your writing! Additionally, you can read here all Important Adjectives starting with b to describe about Person

Adjectives that Start with  ‘ba’

  • babbling
  • baby
  • background
  • backhanded
  • bacterial
  • bad
  • bad-tempered
  • baffled
  • baffling
  • bald
  • balding
  • baleful
  • balmy
  • balmy
  • bandaged
  • banging
  • bankable
  • banned
  • bantering
  • barbaric
  • barbarous
  • barbecued
  • barefooted
  • barking
  • barren
  • bashful
  • basic
  • battered
  • batty
  • bawling

Adjectives that Start with ‘be’

  • beady
  • beaming
  • bearable
  • beautiful
  • beckoning
  • bedazzled
  • bedazzling
  • beefy
  • beeping
  • befitting
  • befuddled
  • beginning
  • belching
  • believable
  • bellicose
  • belligerent
  • bellowing
  • bendable
  • beneficial
  • benevolent
  • benign
  • bent
  • berserk
  • best
  • betrayed
  • better
  • better-off
  • bewildered
  • bewildering
  • bewitched
  • bewitching

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Starting with ‘bi’

  • biased
  • biblical
  • big
  • big-city
  • bigger
  • biggest
  • big-headed
  • bighearted
  • bigoted
  • bilingual
  • billable
  • billowy
  • binary
  • binding
  • bio active
  • biodegradable
  • biographical
  • bite-sized
  • biting
  • bitter
  • bizarre

Starting with ‘bl’

  • black
  • black-and-blue
  • blamable
  • blameless
  • bland
  • blank
  • blaring
  • blasphemous
  • blatant
  • blazing
  • bleached
  • bleak
  • bleary
  • bleary-eyed
  • blessed
  • blind
  • blindfolded
  • blinding
  • blissful
  • blistering
  • bloated
  • blonde
  • blood-curdling
  • bloodied
  • blood-red
  • bloodthirsty
  • bloody
  • blooming
  • blossoming
  • blue
  • bluish
  • blundering
  • blunt
  • blurred
  • blurry
  • blushing

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Starting with ‘bo’

  • boastful
  • bodacious
  • bohemian
  • boiling
  • boisterous
  • bold
  • bone-crushing
  • bookish
  • booming
  • boorish
  • bordering
  • bored
  • boring
  • born
  • bossy
  • both
  • bothered
  • bouncing
  • bouncy
  • boundless
  • bountiful
  • boyish

Starting with ‘br’

  • braided
  • brainless
  • brainy
  • brash
  • brassy
  • brave
  • brawny
  • brazen
  • Brazilian
  • breakable
  • breathable
  • breathless
  • breathtaking
  • breezy
  • bribable
  • brick
  • brief
  • bright
  • bright-eyed
  • bright-red
  • brilliant
  • briny
  • brisk
  • bristly
  • British
  • brittle
  • broad
  • broken
  • broken-hearted
  • bronchial
  • bronze
  • bronzed
  • brooding
  • brown
  • bruised
  • brunette
  • brutal
  • brutish

Starting with ‘bu’

  • bubbly
  • Buddhist
  • budget
  • built-in
  • bulky
  • bumbling
  • bumpy
  • bungling
  • buoyant
  • bureaucratic
  • burly
  • burnable
  • burning
  • bushy
  • busiest
  • business
  • bustling
  • busy
  • buzzing

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Adjectives are essential part of talking. Think for a while! can you beautifully describe anything without using adjectives! Flatly not! Beautiful words are life savior when uttered at the right place, ie, before your spouse!

Browse this extensive list of adjectives beginning with B. We have solved only the essential b adjectives that are best, beautiful, and brave!

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Adjectives Starting With B with Meaning and Examples Sentences

Here we have given most important B adjectives that are frequently used in talks, discussions, news, interviews etc to describe a person or mention about something, its positives and negatives etc.


The background of this story tells that the situation has been quite worse.

He rose the heights of success by utilizing the backhanded and dishonest way of reaching his goal”

He has been quite bad at handling the situation.

Unfortunately, we came across to a very bad tempered guys while we were going to the market.

He was baffled at the sudden success of his friend.

He looked aged and bald.

The criminal threw a baleful look to the women outside the market.

The Bank transaction were banned due to the suspicious activities that have risen to the an alarming extent.

Child trafficking is a barbarous crime.

He walked barefooted throughout the city.

He gave a barren and wearisome look!

Unlike the opponents, they weren’t bashful about letting anybody know them.

What is the basic requirement of job?

The girl on street took the bold step and battered her attackers.


One should not be bawling in the public.

The child was beaming with hope and inspiration.

The loss in business was somehow bearable.

She looked quite beautiful and astonishing.

I gave a befitting reply

The weird questions asked by him befuddled the teacher.

It was in the beginning when we started the match.

It was hardly believable to me when the peon told me about the sudden death of my dearest colleague!

The country was surrounded by the bellicose neighbors all around.

He spoke in a belligerent tone so as to get undue favor from the Manager of Bank.

Exercise when taken on daily basis is quite beneficial for health.

He was quite benevolent in his opinion to others.

He nurtures no more benign intentions to our cause.

He was berserk with the grief and acted unnaturally.

His health betrayed his grand purpose of serving humanity and he died at the young age.

In order to better the status of society, education must be spread.

It would have been better off for her, if she had stayed few more days at hostel.

He looked extremely bewildered as he forgot his important documents at an unknown place.

He was biased in his opinion to others.

It was no less than a biggest achievement for him as he secured a lucrative job at one of the prestigious company.

No society would tolerate a bigoted community like this one!

Love of humanity is binding upon us.

He used to be the bitter enemy of our cause.

He is blameless for his act due to his intense ignorance.

One shouldn’t show the blatant disregard of a country’s laws.

I was blessed with a baby boy!

The blindfolded followers of a political leader set the houses on fire.

The scene of hungry children with bloated belly, scare me whenever I watch any African News channel.

Alex almost dropped the glass from his hands when a bloodcurdling shriek pierced the night

The bloodthirsty enemies were chasing him from pillar to the post.

The blunt talking and firing employees made the Boss a cruel figure in the Company.

His useless and boastful talk almost drowned his cause.

His boisterous statements lacked the practical work done behind.

It was a bone crushing scene when I stood by the ghastly accident

His courage was boundless as he took very bold measures to achieve the target.

It was a brazen attack by the terrorists

I would like to make it brief and attractive.

He spoke with blatant and brutal honestly.


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